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How to Read the Course Description 

Each course description begins with a three-letter prefix and a three-digit number that indicate the curriculum and the level of the course. Courses that prepare a student for college-level work are indicated by numbers ranging from 002-098. These courses do not satisfy the requirements for degrees, diplomas, or certificates. Freshman-level University Studies courses (senior college and university transfer) and Applied Science (technical) courses are indicated by numbers ranging from 100 to 199; sophomore-level college transfer and technical courses are numbered 200 through 299.

Courses are listed by course discipline prefix, number, course title, credit hours, and, in parentheses, the number of lecture, laboratory and/or work experience/clinical hours, and the semester the course is offered. Local and state prerequisites and corequisites are identified by superscript L for localL and S for stateS. The symbol “AND” indicates the course will be offered “As Needs Demand.”

UGETC represents the Universal General Education Transfer Component as described in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA).