Frequently Asked Questions

View the user guide for a step by step (with pictures) instructions for accessing your my SCC account, email, eTrieve, or Moodle.

Make sure you talk with your counselor/SCC representative first! Visit the Registration Information page for instructions on adding/dropping a course.

Visit the Student Parking page for instructions on how to get your parking pass.

Visit the Student Identification Cards page for more information about your student ID.

The cost of tuition is free for all students. However, some course fees are not covered. View these course fees.

Moore County/Hoke County Students - your books are covered by the county you reside in.

Private/Homeschool Students – you are responsible for your own books. View the user guide to learn how to order your books.

  1. Stacy Patterson for Union Pines & North Moore.
  2. Josh Newton for Pinecrest.
  3. Leslie Baldwin for Hoke County High
  4. Lisa Davis for private and homeschool (Hoke County)
  5. Jasmin Zamora-Cuna for private and homeschool (Moore County)
  6. Jason Levister for Workforce Continuing Education

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Speak with your counselor about enrolling in a CTE program (with your principal's approval). Also, students are eligible until their final semester of their senior year. It’s never too late!

Students must meet with their respective counselor to register. Schedule a meeting with your counselor to register for your courses.

Use the section number guide to view a cheat sheet on course codes.

To maintain eligibility for CCP enrollment, the student must continue to make progress toward high school graduation and maintain a 2.0 GPA in college coursework after completing two college courses.  If a student fails to meet one or both of the criteria, she/he will not be eligible to enroll the subsequent semester (fall, spring, or summer).  After sitting out a semester, the student will have the opportunity to enroll in classes the following semester.

As authorized by the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) between the North Carolina Community College System and the University of North Carolina System, a high school student who satisfactorily completes a college course designated as a college transfer course with a grade of “C” or better will receive transfer credit at the university. The university will determine whether the course will count as general education, major, or elective credit with some courses guaranteed to transfer as general education courses. All courses taken at Sandhills Community College in which students earn a “C” or better will also transfer to other community colleges.