Admission Requirements

  • High school junior or senior
  • Unweighted GPA of 2.8+ on high school classes
  • Demonstrate college readiness in English, Reading and Mathematics on an assessment or placement test
  • College Readiness Benchmarks on Approved Diagnostic Assessment Tests for CTP

In addition to the diagnostic assessments, colleges may use the following SAT and ACT scores.

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 480 English 18 English 18
Reading 22 Reading 22
Mathematics 530 Mathematics 22 Mathematics 22

  • High school junior or senior
  • Unweighted GPA of 2.8+ on high school classes
  • Students must meet specific course prerequisites for individual SCC courses
  • Recommendation of High School Principal


  1. Students can only take classes that fall within 2 pathways.
  2. All courses within the same pathway do not have the same test score or prerequisite requirements.
  3. Students may be able to take some courses listed, but not meet the requirements for others. Carefully review the courses and their requirements.
  4. CCP high school guidance counselors will assist in placement, planning and advising.

Students may be concurrently enrolled in two pathways as follows:

  • Two CTE pathways or,
  • Two WCE pathways,
  • One CTE pathway and one WCE pathway,
  • One CTP (if eligible) and CTE pathway, or
  • One CTP (if eligible) and one WCE pathway.

Once a student enters a chosen pathway(s), they may only switch pathways with the permission of the high school principal or his/her designee and the Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs and Institutional Planning of the college.