Student Rights

As a recipient of financial aid, your rights include:

  • The right to know what financial aid programs are available at SCC
  • The right to know the deadlines for submitting the financial aid application
  • The right to know how financial aid will be disbursed and how decisions on distribution are reached
  • The right to know how your financial need was determined, including the way costs for tuition and fees, room and board, travel, books and supplies, personal and miscellaneous expenses, etc. are considered in your cost of attendance.
  • The right to know what resources (such as parental contribution, other financial aid, your assets, etc.) are considered in the calculation of your need
  • The right to know how much of your financial need (as determined by the institution) has been met, which can be found on your offer letter on Self-Service.
  • The right to request an explanation of the various programs in your financial aid package
  • The right to know SCC’s refund policy.
  • The right to know what portion of the financial aid you receive must be repaid in the event you withdraw from class.  The financial aid that must be repaid includes federal grants, state grants, and NC National Guard Tuition Assistance.  It does not include Direct Loan funds because SCC does not participate in the Direct Loan Program.
  • The right to know how the school determines whether you are making satisfactory academic progress and what happens if you are not