Financial Aid Requirements and Terms of Agreement


  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. One application is filed each academic year.
  2. Enroll as a degree-seeking student in an eligible program.
  3. Enroll only in courses that are required for graduation in your degree program.
  4. Submit an official high school or GED transcript to the Admissions Department.
  5. Submit official college transcripts for any colleges previously attended to the Admissions Department.
  6. Hold a U.S. citizenship or an eligible non-citizenship status.
  7. Demonstrate financial need.
  8. Make satisfactory academic progress in program of study.
  9. Be in good standing, and not in default, on a federally subsidized education loan.
  10. Do not owe a federal overpayment for courses previously dropped while earning federal financial aid.
  11. Do not be incarcerated in a federal or state penal institution.

In December, 2020, the FAFSA Simplification Act was enacted into law as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.  The FAFSA Simplification Act amended Section 484 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), making several important changes to student eligibility criteria. One of these is the elimination of the prohibition on receiving Title IV aid for students with drug-related convictions. For the 2021-2022 award year, the Selective Service and drug conviction questions (as well as the option to register with the Selective Service via the FAFSA) will remain on the FAFSA. However, failing to register with the Selective Service or having a drug conviction while receiving federal Title IV aid will no longer impact a student’s Title IV aid eligibility, and a student who fails to register or has a drug conviction may be eligible to receive Title IV aid if they meet all other eligibility criteria.

Terms of Agreement

If I am awarded financial aid assistance, I hereby certify that I have read and understand the following statements:

    • I am responsible for reading and understanding the SCC Financial Aid policies, including the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and 150% Rule. 
    • I understand award amounts may be subject to change based on enrollment status, available funding and/or regulatory changes.
    • I understand false or incomplete information submitted by me or on my behalf may result in the cancellation of my award and may require repayment of part or all of the funds disbursed to me.
    • I understand if I register for classes and decide not to attend SCC, it is my responsibility to inform the Financial Aid Office and to officially drop or withdraw within published timeframes. If I fail to do so, the classes will remain on my student record, and I will owe any outstanding tuition/fees balance due to SCC.
    • I am responsible for paying any tuition, fees, bookstore, and other outstanding charges not covered by my financial aid.
    • I am responsible for paying my tuition, fees, bookstore, and other outstanding charges if I am placed on Financial Aid Suspension.
    • I am responsible for payment of any foundation course hours in excess of 30 credit hours.
    • I am responsible for repayment of any funds disbursed to me in error or for any period of time I was not enrolled or ineligible. I understand that I will not be eligible for any additional financial aid funding at SCC until this amount owed is repaid.
    • I understand that I will not be paid for any class that I do not attend, that is cancelled by the college, or that is not required by my program of study.
    • I understand that I must notify the Financial Aid Office if I withdraw from classes at SCC. If I have a lapse of enrollment between the time I withdraw from one course and begin another, I must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing of my plans to return and attend my courses that begin later in the semester. I also understand that excessive withdrawals may adversely affect my satisfactory academic progress and my ability to receive financial aid funding. 
    • I understand if I withdraw from all my courses I may owe SCC and the US Department of Education a portion of my financial aid.
    • I am responsible for notifying the Financial Aid Office if I receive any scholarships, loans, employer reimbursement or other assistance from outside sources.
    • I am responsible for keeping copies of all financial aid award information, including award letter package and bookstore receipts. I understand that I also have access to view this information using my Self-Service account.
    • If I am awarded financial aid assistance, I understand that I am not required to purchase books and supplies in the SCC Bookstore.
    • Clock hour programs are paid based on clock hours, not semester hours, and funds may be disbursed on different dates in the semester.
    • I understand that not all programs of study or classes are approved for Title IV funding, including but not limited to the following: CNA Certificate (C45480), NAS, and BLET classes.
    • I understand that the offer of Federal Work-Study is not a guaranteed award and requires an additional application (available on the college website) for consideration of an employment offer.
    • I understand if I am enrolled in any late-start classes, financial aid for those classes will not be disbursed until the classes begin and class attendance has been confirmed.
    • I understand that I must cash any refund check received within the period of time noted on the check.