How to Evaluate and Choose a Lender

Please compare the following aspects of lender services when deciding which lender to choose for your loan needs:

  • Ability of lender to service all your loans
  • Will your lender ever sell your loans?
  • Interest rates and terms
  • Are there any fees?
  • Loan application processes:  Can you apply online?  Is instant loan approval offered?
  • Is loan available for part time enrollment (3/4 time, half time, or less than half time)?
  • When you need a loan for less than half time enrollment, ask your lender if it is in your best interest to borrow for that enrollment period only.
  • Repayment plans:  some are simple, others complex – ask questions!
  • Are there benefits for borrowers who pay on time or make loan payments electronically?
  • Customer service:  Can you reach a live operator quickly to check on the status of your loan during hours convenient for you?
  • What is the overall cohort default rate of the lender?  This has to do with the number of student borrowers who do not successfully complete repayment on their student loans.

The following education loan websites are provided for additional research into private student loan resources. Sandhills Community College in no way recommends or endorses any specific lender or loan program:

  • Simple Tuition Web-based student loan search engine.
  • FinAid Provides information for private student loans and resources for loan comparison.