College & Career Readiness – Hoke County Orientation Schedule

Call 910-848-4300 or submit an Online Orientation Request to schedule your orientation date and time.

CCR - Orientation Schedule Hoke County

Step 1: Complete an Online Orientation Request Form. You will be contacted by a CCR staff member to schedule a pre-orientation assessment session.

Step 2: Attend your PRE-ORIENTATION ASSESSMENT appointment. (Be on time! This is required before attending Orientation.)

Step 3: Attend an ORIENTATION SESSION after completion of pre-orientation assessments.

After completion of Orientation, students will be matched with a program to best fit their needs. A Fast Track HSE (High School Equivalency) Program is available for students who qualify. The Fast Track HSE Program is an intensive and interactive opportunity for students to earn a high school equivalency diploma in just 12 weeks.

NOTE: Orientation sessions are limited. Attendance is required and commitment is necessary for success!
Tuesdays 9am - 1pm.
Scheduled by appointment only.
Orientation Request Form
If you have questions, call -910-695-3779 (Moore County) or 910-848-4300 (Hoke County)
January Orientation Sessions (online):
Wed., Jan. 13, 10am
Wed., Jan. 13, 5:30pm

Wed., Jan. 20, 10am
(Fast Track)
Face-to-face testing sessions will adhere to strict safety and social distancing protocols. Virtual testing available for students with the necessary technology.February Orientation Sessions (online):
Tues., Feb. 9, 10 am
Wed., Feb. 10, 5:30pm

Wed., Feb. 17, 10am (Fast Track)

* All incoming students must schedule and complete a pre-orientation assessment session PRIOR to attending Orientation. To schedule your session, please call Deb Sikes at 910-848-4300 or email

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