English Language Acquisition (ELA)

English Language Acquisition (ELA) classes are provided at no cost to non- or limited English-speaking adults who want to learn English. Classes combine listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with an emphasis on listening and speaking skills.

Adults from many different countries and all educational backgrounds have benefited from attending our ELA classes. ELA classes can help you find and maintain work, learn about opportunities, rights and responsibilities of living in the U.S., and help your children in school and the community.

Sandhills Community College
164 Causey Hall, 3995 Airport Road, Pinehurst
M-Th, 8 am-1:30 pm or MW, 6-9 pm

Sandhills Hoke Center
1110 East Central Avenue, Raeford, NC
M-Th, 8 am-1:30 pm or TTh, 6-9 pm

The Robbins Center
110 North Middleton Street, Robbins

M-Th 8:30-1:30 pm

TTh, 6-9 pm

You may qualify for our online/hybrid classes. You will need a computer or tablet with Internet access, will need to be able to do a minimum of 10 hours per week of online work, and attend in two face-to-face classes each month (usually held on Saturdays).


Orientation is required. Orientations are offered monthly in both Moore and Hoke Counties. With a valid score on the assessment, students will be placed in the appropriate level class.

Moore County Orientation Schedule
Hoke County Orientation Schedule

Call 910-695-3980 (Pinehurst) 910-875-8589 (Raeford) or submit an Online Orientation Request to schedule your orientation date and time.

All 16- and 17-year-old minors must complete and have notarized a Petition for the Admission of a Minor form and meet with a college official prior to attending orientation. Accompanying the minor must be at least one parent or legal guardian. After downloading the form, obtaining all required signatures, and having it notarized, call Tess Regan at 910-695-3777 to schedule an appointment.


Isabel Cain
Coordinator and Program Associate
112 Van Dusen