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Ceramic Designs: Hand Building and Wheel Throwing

Whether for personal enrichments or a future career, this hands-on class is for students at any skill level. Beginners will receive ample individual instruction and demonstration to build basic skills. Experienced students can use the class to push the boundaries of their technique or expression. (1) 25lb of clay provided in cost.

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Quilting “Camp” for Adults

Join us for a weeklong “camp” for beginner to advanced quilters with a desire to create a memory quilt, pillow or wall hanging. Participants will learn techniques used in making t-shirt quilts, printing old or new pictures on fabric, using appliqué and patchwork to tell a memorable story or celebrate an event.

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Introduction to Line Dance-Level 1

This class is an introduction to line dance. We will take the time to learn basic steps and patterns, to build coordination and confidence on the dance floor. We’ll learn popular line dances done at social events: Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Copperhead Road, and others. After 6 weeks, you may feel ready to further develop your skills in our Level 2 – Absolute Beginner class.

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Absolute Beginner Line Dance-Level 2


Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Level 1 Line Dance, or able to dance Cupid Shuffl e, Electric Slide,
and Copperhead Road. Great, you’ve danced the basic line dances at social events, and are ready to build on that knowledge. Our instructor will guide you to an improved foundation of dance step terminology, rhythm counts, posture, and dance fl oor etiquette. You’ll experience a variety of absolute beginner line dances, to diff erent genres of music. Leave your inhibitions at the door and join us on the dance floor.

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Beginner+ Line Dance-Level 3

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Level 2 class. Successful completion of Level 2 class. This class will build upon the skills learned at the Absolute Beginner level. You’ll learn dances suitable for the experienced dancer, with some emphasis on body posture, and styling principles. The dances will provide a natural progression of complexity: steps, turns, syncopations, tags and restarts. This 6-week session will prove to be a good ole time on the dance floor.

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Improver/Intermediate Line Dance-Level 4

This class will feature dance routines suitable for the experienced line dancer, who has mastered a comprehensive range of step patterns and movements. This 6-week session is intended to satisfy the seasoned dancer with new challenges, that will prove fun and rewarding.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Build flexibility, strength, and balance in your body and mind and decrease unhealthy stress responses in everyday life. Grounding and centering techniques will be incorporated. Comprehensive instruction will help students find body alignment and meditative practice matching breath to movement. All levels are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat.

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Tai Chi Basics

Learn soft, slow, graceful movements to help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance. Tai Chi movements are approached in a mindful attitude and never forced; the muscles relaxed rather than tensed. There is no impact to aggravate joints and can be performed standing or even sitting making it the perfect activity to improve and maintain your physical function and quality of life. The class will use the Yang 24 form and various Qi Gong movements. No special equipment needed and dress comfortably.

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Tai Chi Practice

Students will improve and refine postures learned in Tai Chi Basics. Learn several Qi Gong exercises for enhanced stress reduction and improved wellness and practice the Beijing Form (working knowledge required). No special equipment needed and dress comfortably.

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Retirement Guide: Income, Taxes & Legacy 

This class will include the following topics: Investment and estate planning. Income tax reduction and insurance planning. Proper portfolio balance to reduce investment risk, getting more income from investments, reducing probate costs and long-term care planning.

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