The Community’s College

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For more than four decades, Sandhills Community College has transformed lives and opened doors for thousands of people in Moore and Hoke counties. Sandhills Community College has educated nurses, prepared chefs and landscapers, and trained x-ray technicians, EMS personnel and police officers.

Sandhills has provided strong foundations to students transferring to universities, and it has helped the unemployed move into new careers. Sandhills has built beautiful gardens, provided concerts and lectures, offered classes to lifelong learners, taught the illiterate to read, and participated actively in the area’s economic development.

In short, Sandhills Community College has improved the lives of virtually every person in our area; and, in much of its work, it has served the underserved and provided opportunity and hope to those who otherwise might have none.

The college’s success in bringing meaningful change to the lives of many can be attributed to a public-private partnership between the County of Moore, the County of Hoke, the state of North Carolina and generous private citizen benefactors. This partnership starts with the level of support the State of North Carolina provides to all its community colleges and the support provided by the Moore and Hoke County governments.

At Sandhills, that public support is augmented significantly by the extraordinary generosity of private benefactors who know and love the college. Remarkably, since its charter in 1963, donors have provided over $55,000,000 to the Sandhills and its students through the Sandhills Community College Foundation, thereby making possible Sandhills’ strong faculty, modern facilities and equipment, and the state’s best program for providing opportunity to deserving students.