The SCC Guarantors

Become a Guarantor

In 2002, the colleges Foundation Board made a commitment to secure the resources to help ensure the colleges mission of educational opportunity of the highest quality for ALL the people of the Sandhills.  That year the SCC Guarantors was born.  Perhaps unique in the nation, the Guarantors are making possible the dream of an education and a better life for any student willing to work for it regardless of his or her financial circumstance.

The SCC Guarantors ensure that no deserving student will be turned away because he or she cannot afford a college education. The Guarantors Program helps students who are faced with significant financial challenges to stay in school. It supports the traditional college student as well as the older student, many times a displaced worker, who is coming to Sandhills to learn a new skill and develop a new career.

Guarantors support provides tuition, books and fees as well as other expenses that are critical to the students capacity to stay in school and succeed in his or her program of study. Guarantors support emergency response assistance for students in crisis situations. They help with everyday expenses such as childcare that can make the difference between being able to afford to come to school or not. They support veterans’ aid programs, work-ready continuing education programs, and provide critical tuition assistance to fill the gap between what a student can afford to pay and what they owe for their classes.

Without the Guarantors, many students would be unable to continue their studies at Sandhills. Individuals or couples who make a gift of $1000 or more to the Sandhills Community College Foundation designated for the Guarantors Program are members for the school year in which the gift is made.

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