VOIP Phones

Avaya 9608 User Instructions


Restarting Your Phone 

If you are having issues with your phone and/or PC connectivity issues, complete the following restart procedures.

  • Unplug the phone from the wall for at least 45 seconds to allow it to totally power down. If you are unable to reach the wall jack, unplug the top most cord from the back of your phone.
  • Plug cord back in and allow phone to restart (this could take approximately 4 minutes). Stay close by to watch the login process in case you need to provide login information.
  • If process asks you to log in, follow the prompts (enter your phone extension and press enter - Enter the phone password and press enter.) The phone password is either (123456) OR (123789).  

If these steps do not work for you, open an IT Work request at: https://ncccs.servicenowservices.com/sandhills (Start by clicking the green icon.)