Student Parking

All students and Employees who park vehicles on campus must register their vehicles. Registration requires a current student ID. Student parking stickers are valid for one school year, August to July and a new sticker must be obtained every August.

A Student ID can be obtained at the switchboard in the Dempsey Student Center. A picture ID, tuition receipt/financial aid award letter, and/or current semester schedule may be required. (Campus Map)

Stickers can be picked up from the switchboard in the Dempsey Student Center.

Automobile Registration
All students who park vehicles on campus must register their vehicles at the time of course registration. The cost of parking stickers is included in the student fees payable at registration.

Vehicle Registration Process:

  1. Fill out the Online Parking Sticker Application to begin registration of your vehicle. You must have already obtained your username and password.
  2. Bring your current Student ID to the Switchboardin the Dempsey Student Center to pick up your parking sticker. (Campus Map).
  3. Apply sticker to your left rear bumper or place in the left rear window of your vehicle.

Parking Regulations
Students are required to park in paved parking spaces that are not reserved for visitors or for faculty/staff. Reserved parking applies to vehicles 8 a.m.- 3p.m., Monday – Friday, after which time anyone may park in these spaces. A one-hour time limit applies to all visitor spaces. When paved parking spaces are filled, the College will provide designated unpaved areas for temporary student use. Restricted park ing, including handicapped parking, is marked with appropriate signs.

Parking Permit
At registration, all students are required to obtain a permit that enables them to park at the College. The permit must be affixed to the left rear bumper or displayed in the left rear window of the vehicle. This permit will also enable staff to notify the student in the event of an emergency (e.g., someone hits the car). If a student temporarily drives a vehicle without a permit, he/she must obtain a temporary permit from the switchboard receptionist in Dempsey Hall. Vehicles parked on campus without permits will be in violation. Repeated violations of the campus parking regulation will be considered an offense of the Student Code of Conduct. Disabled students may receive handicapped parking permits after presenting appropriate DMV documentation to the campus switchboard receptionist. Campus parking lots have designated areas for the disabled.

Temporary Parking
For the first few days of the fall/spring semesters, staff members may need to direct vehicles into temporary parking areas. Students should follow the instructions given during this time period.

Parking Violations
Violations of parking regulations will result in fines and/or the vehicles being towed. Violations that are potentially dangerous, such as speeding and reckless driving, are subject to disciplinary action in addition to any fines levied. Violations for which citations may be issued include, but are not limited to the following

The Business Office is hereby authorized to collect a $25.00 fine for any of the following violations:

  • Parked in visitor space
  • Parked in faculty space
  • Parked in student space
  • Failure to display current parking decal
  • Failure to register vehicle
  • Improper display of parking decal

The following violations shall be considered infractions. The Business
Office is hereby authorized to collect a maximum $100.00 fine for any of the
following violations:

  • Driving in a hazardous manner/speeding/careless and reckless $100
  • Driving wrong way in drive lanes $50
  • Exceeding a safe speed $25
  • Failure to heed a stop or yield sign $25
  • Parking incorrectly in a parking space $25
  • Parked in driveway/access $50
  • Parking in manner creating a hazard $50
  • Parking in more than one space $25
  • Parked in no parking space/area $25
  • Parked in unauthorized/handicap space $100
  • Unsafe Movement $25
  • Any traffic violation (not listed) $25

The student is responsible for any violation incurred by individuals who bring the student to campus. Payments of fines should be made to cashier in Stone Hall. Failure to pay parking tickets will result in the fines being added to the student registration fees. Persons who have received five (5) or more tickets may have the vehicle towed or may be subject to other disciplinary action.