What We Believe

Our Mission

The Mission of Sandhills Community College is to provide educational opportunities of the highest quality to all the people of the Sandhills.

The college is committed to the five core values of INTEGRITY, HELPFULNESS, EXCELLENCE, RESPECT, AND OPPORTUNITY. These values guide and direct Sandhills Community College as it seeks:

  • To welcome students of all ability levels and to provide programs that prepare them for employment or for transfer;
  • To provide training for local businesses and to contribute constructively to the economic well-being of the region;
  • To contribute to the cultural and artistic richness of the community, and to the educational needs of our retired population;
  • To create a campus environment that celebrates its faculty and staff, and contributes to their personal and professional development.

College Goals

  1. For-Credit Academic Programs
    To educate students for professional and personal opportunities by providing technical and transfer programs that include distinct general education competencies and to offer these programs through a variety of course delivery modes;
  2. Support Services
    To provide comprehensive student and academic support programs that help students meet their career, academic, and personal goals.
  3. Access and Opportunity
    To ensure access and opportunity for students who are underprepared for college-level work through developmental studies and adult literacy programs; to prepare students for employment and/or for collegiate studies; and to promote student learning and success through various course delivery modes in credit and noncredit courses.
  4. Economic Development
    To provide the training needed to help recruit businesses to our community and to drive entrepreneurial growth; to promote workplace learning; to enable local businesses to become more productive; and to provide credit and noncredit courses and programs that enable students to become competitive contenders for employment opportunities.
  5. Campus and Community Life
    To provide opportunities for student involvement, cultural enrichment, life-long learning, and community service while honoring our core values.
  6. Campus Resources
    To ensure that the college has the necessary financial, human, technological, and physical resources, including: having funds to advance the excellence of its programs; hiring faculty and staff of the highest quality who reflect its diverse community and exhibit its core values; providing appropriate technology; and ensuring that the campus is clean, safe, and beautiful.

Core Values


Sandhills treats its students, faculty, and staff fairly and stands behind the commitments that are stated or implied in its policy documents and promotional materials. The college demands academic work that is honest and rigorous and that meets the expectations of employers and baccalaureate-level institutions.


The faculty and staff of Sandhills are genuinely and eagerly helpful to the college’s students and to each other.  Going the ‘extra mile’ is expected behavior at Sandhills.


Sandhills provides educational programs of the highest quality and then provides the support necessary to promote student success. Similarly, the college employs faculty and staff who are exceptionally well -qualified to promote educational excellence and, in addition, encourages and supports them in the performance of their jobs.


The atmosphere of Sandhills Community College is one of respect, friendliness, and civility – values which are taught to students by the way in which faculty and staff interact with them and with each other.


Opportunity is at the core of Sandhills’ mission. The college provides educational opportunities to the students who enter through its open doors, opportunities for growth to the area’s businesses and lifelong learners, and opportunities for professional and personal development to its faculty and staff.