List of Academic Programs and CIP Codes

CIP CODEProgram #Program of Study Name
1.0605A15260LLandscape Gardening
1.0605C15260CLandscape Gardening - Landscape Construction Certificate
1.0605C15260DLandscape Gardening - Landscape Design Certificate
1.0605C15260GLandscape Gardening - Greenhouse Grower Certificate
1.0605A15260TLandscape Gardening - Turfgrass Management
1.0605C15260TLandscape Gardening - Turfgrass Management Certificate
1.0605C15260HSLandscape Gardening Certificate
11.0103A25590PDIT - Computer Programming & Development - Database Specialty
11.0103A25590PMIT - Computer Programming & Development - Mobile App Specialty
11.0103C25590PCIT - Computer Programming & Development - C# Programming Certificate
11.0103C25590PDIT - Computer Programming & Development - Database Programming Certificate
11.0103C25590PMIT - Computer Programming & Development - Mobile App Programming Certificate
11.0103C25590PVIT - Computer Programming & Development - Visual BASIC Programming Certificate
11.0103C25590PWIT - Computer Programming & Development - Web Programming Certificate
11.0103D25590NIT - Networking Diploma
11.0103D25590NSIT - Networking - Security Diploma
11.0103D25590NVIT - Networking - Virtualization Diploma
11.0103C25590NSIT - Networking - Security Certificate
11.0103C25590NFIT - Networking - Forensics Certificate
11.0103C25590NCIT - Networking - Cisco Certificate
11.0103C25590NVIT - Networking - Virtualization Certificate
11.0103C25590H1IT - Computer Programming & Development - Database Programming
11.0103C25590H2IT - Computer Programming & Development - C# Programming
11.0103C25590H3IT - Computer Programming & Development - Visual BASIC
11.0103C25590H4IT - Networking - Cisco
11.0103C25590H5IT - Networking - Security
11.0899A25210Digital Media Technology
11.0899C25210C1DMT - Web Content Management Certificate
11.0899C25210DDMT - Web Design Certificate
11.0899C25210DMDMT - Digital Media Certificate
11.0899C25210PDDMT - Print Design Certificate
11.0899C25210HSDigital Media Technology Certificate
11.0899C25210H2DMT - Web Design Certificate
12.0401D55140Cosmetology Diploma
12.0401C55140Cosmetology Certificate
12.0401C55140HSCosmetology Certificate
12.0501A55130Baking and Pastry Arts
12.0501C55130Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate
12.0501C55130HSBaking and Pastry Arts Certificate
12.0503A55150Culinary Arts
12.0503C55150Culinary Arts Certificate
12.0503C55150HSCulinary Arts Certificate
12.0503C55150RCulinary Arts - Restaurant Management Certificate
13.1210A55220EEarly Childhood Education
13.1210A55220LEarly Childhood Education - Licensure
13.1210A55220NLEarly Childhood - Non Licensure
13.1210C55220HSEarly Childhood Education Certificate
13.1210C55220ITEC - Infant/Toddler Care Certificate
13.1210C55220PCEC - Preschool Certificate
14.0102A10500Associate in Engineering
14.0102P1052CCollege Transfer Pathway - Associate in Engineering
15.0101A40100Architectural Technology
15.0101C40100Architectural Technology Certificate
15.0101C40100H3Architectural Technology Certificate
15.0201A40140Civil Engineering Technology
15.0201C40140Civil Engineering Technology Certificate
15.0201C40140HSCivil Engineering Technology Certificate
15.0499A50240Industrial Systems Technology
15.0499D50240Industrial Systems Technology Diploma
15.0499C50240IIndustrial Systems Technology - Industrial Maintenance Certificate
15.0499C50240MIndustrial Systems Technology - Machining Technology Certificate
15.0499C50240PIndustrial Systems Technology - Production Technology Certificate
15.0507A40150Environmental Engineering Technology
15.0507C40150Environmental Engineering Technology Certificate
15.1102A40420Geomatics Technology
15.1102C40420Geomatics Technology Certificate
15.1102C40420HSGeomatics Technology Certificate
15.1201A40160Computer Engineering Technology
15.1201D40160CCET - Computer Upgrade and Repair Diploma
15.1201C40160ACET - Repair Certificate
15.1201C40160BCET - Advanced Repair Certificate
15.1201C40160CCET - Electronics Certificate
15.1201C40160FCET - Forensics Certificate
15.1201C40160GCET - Advanced Forensics Certificate
15.1201C40160NNCET - Networking Certificate
15.1201C40160SCET - Security Certificate
15.1201C40160TCET - Advanced Security Certificate
15.1201C40160HSCET - Repair Certificate
15.1201C40160H2CET - Electronics Certificate
15.1201C40160H3CET - Forensics Certificate
15.1201C40160H4CET - Networking Certificate
15.1201C40160H5CET - Security Certificate
24.0101A10100Associate in Arts
24.0101A1010TAssociates of Arts Teacher Preparation
24.0101A10100FTAssociate in Arts - Fast Track
24.0101A10400Associate in Science
24.0101A1040RAssociates of Science Teacher Preparation
24.0101A10600Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
24.0101A10700Associate in Fine Arts in Music
24.0101A10800AAssociate in Fine Arts in Theatre - Acting
24.0101A10800TAssociate in Fine Arts in Theatre - Technical
24.0101P1012CCollege Transfer Pathway - Associate in Arts
24.0101P1042CCollege Transfer Pathway - Associate in Science
24.0101P1062CCollege Transfer Pathway - Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
24.0101P1072CCollege Transfer Pathway - Associate in Fine Arts in Music
24.0101P1082CCollege Transfer Pathway - Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre
24.0199A10300Associate in General Education
31.0599A45630Health and Fitness Science
31.0599C45630Health and Fitness Science Certificate
31.0599C45630HSHealth and Fitness Science Certificate
31.0599C45630H2Health and Fitness Science - Allied Health Certificate
43.0104A55180Criminal Justice Technology
43.0104C55180Criminal Justice Technology Certificate
43.0104C55180HSCriminal Justice Technology Certificate
43.0406A5518CCriminal Justice Technology - Forensic Science
43.0406C5518CCriminal Justice Technology - Forensic Science Certificate
43.0107C55120Basic Law Enforcement Training (Certificate)
43.0201A55240Fire Protection Technology
43.0201C55240HSFire Protection Certificate
47.0603A60130Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
47.0603D60130Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Diploma
47.0603C60130CCRR - Automotive Fabrication Certificate
47.0603C60130NCRR - Non-Structural Repair Certificate
47.0603C60130PCRR - Paint and Refinishing Certificate
47.0603C60130SCRR - Structural Repair Certificate
47.0603C60130HSCRR - Paint & Refinishing Certificate
47.0603C60130H2CRR - Automotive Fabrication Certificate
47.0603C60130H3CRR - Non-Structural Repair Certificate
47.0603C60130H4CRR - Structural Repair Certificate
47.0604A60160Automotive Systems Technology
47.0604D60160Automotive Systems Technology Diploma
47.0604C60160AAutomotive Management Certificate
47.0604C60160CAUT - C-Tech Certificate
47.0604C60160LDAUT - Light Duty Diesels & Emerging Technology Certificate
47.0604C60160HSAUT - Automotive Management Certificate
47.0604C60160H2AUT - C-Tech Certificate
49.0102A60180AAviation Management
49.0102A60180PProfessional Pilot
49.0102C60180HSAviation - Aviation Management Certificate
49.0102C60180H2Aviation - Professional Pilot Certificate
50.0411A25450Simulation and Game Development
50.0411C25450Simulation and Gaming Certificate
50.0411C25450HSSimulation and Game Development Certificate
51.0705A25310GMedical Office Administration - General
51.0705A25310MMedical Office Administration - Medical Coding & Billing
51.0705A25310PMedical Office Administration - Patient Service Rep
51.0705C25310CMOA - Medical Coding & Billing Certificate
51.0705C25310HSMOA - Medical Coding & Billing Certificate
51.0707A45360Health Information Technology
51.0904A45340Emergency Medical Science
51.0904D45340Emergency Medical Science Diploma
51.0904C45340Emergency Medical Science - Advanced EMT Certificate
51.0904C45340HSEmergency Medical Science Certificate
51.0908A45720Respiratory Therapy
51.0909A45740Surgical Technology
51.0909D45740Surgical Technology Diploma
51.1004A45420Medical Laboratory Technology
51.1004C45420HSMedical Laboratory Technology Certificate
51.1105A1030NAssociate in General Education-Nursing
51.1105P1032CCollege Transfer Pathway - Associate Degree Nursing
51.1803D45210Ophthalmic Medical Personnel (Diploma)
51.3501A45750Therapeutic Massage
51.3501D45750Therapeutic Massage Diploma
51.3801A45110Associate Degree Nursing
51.3902C45840Nurse Aide (Certificate)
51.3902C45840HSNurse Aide (Certificate)
52.0201A25120BBusiness Administration
52.0201D25120Business Administration Diploma
52.0201C25120Business Admin. - Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgmt Certificate
52.0201C25120BBusiness Admin. - Bank and Finance Certificate
52.0201C25120RBusiness Administration - Human Resources Certificate
52.0201A25120HBusiness Administration - Hospitality Management
52.0201C25120HBusiness Administration - Hospitality Management Certificate
52.0201C25120HSBusiness Administration Certificate
52.0201C25120H2Business Administration - Hospitality Management Certificate
52.0201C25120H3Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Certificate
52.0204A25370GOffice Administration - General
52.0204A25370COffice Administration - Customer Service Rep
52.0204A25370FOffice Administration - Office Finance
52.0204A25370LOffice Administration - Legal Office
52.0204A25370SOffice Administration - Office Software
52.0204C25370Office Administration Certificate
52.0304C25800BAccounting & Finance - Business Analytics Certificate
52.0304C25800FAccounting & Finance - Finance Analytics Certificate
52.0304C25800MAccounting & Finance - Marketing Analytics Certificate
52.0304C25800Bookkeeping Certificate
52.0304C25800HSBookkeeping Certificate