O365 Email and Password Reset (Available August 10)

Reset Your Password

o365 Web Portal link: https://login.microsoftonline.com or http://www.office.com

To change your password using the Office 365 portal Use this method if you typically access your apps through the Office portal:

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 account, using your existing password.
  2. Select your profile on the upper-right side, and then select View account.
  3. Select Password > Change Password.
  4. Type your old password, create and confirm your new password, and then select Submit.

*If you need assistance, please contact Help Desk for Students and ITS support Staff for Faculty and Staff support.


New Users


Current Users

You can access your Office 365 email account on the web, from anywhere with Internet access. Sign in using the web client, Outlook Web App, to ensure you can reach your account with the correct sign in information. The new system uses your complete NetworkID email address (NetworkID@sandhills.edu) and password.