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A degree in business offers the student a variety of skills and experiences that transfer directly to the real world in virtually every industry including management positions in retail, entertainment, recreation, health care, government, non-profit, international commerce, and more. Business skills also provide the backbone for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. All these industries need skills established in one of the business programs available at Sandhills Community College.

A business degree provides one of the most versatile and flexible educational experiences available.  Business degrees provide individuals with a variety of skills including management, marketing, analytical skills, financial analysis, problem solving, overcoming obstacles, and budgeting to name a few. The business program at Sandhills also offers the student the opportunity to focus on specific skills such as Accounting, Medical Office or General Office Administration.

An individual can start the general business administration program and as the student becomes more familiar with the various specialties can focus in on the area they find the most interesting.  Many of the business and associated courses transfer to four year institutions and provide a firm foundation for students that find themselves searching for a new direction in life. Find more information about transfer options by visiting the Business Administration page.


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