The Larry R. Caddell Public Safety Training Center

The Larry R. Caddell Public Safety Training Center is located on 39.28 acres near Carthage on Niagara Carthage Road. It serves as a permanent training center for local fire departments, emergency rescue services and law enforcement agencies through the College’s Continuing Education division.

The center’s namesake was former Sandhills Board of Trustee Vice-Chairman and Moore County Commissioner Larry Caddell.

Each year for over twenty years, the College has hosted an Emergency Services Seminar. The Center is now an integral part of the training of hundreds of emergency personnel from throughout the state.

Photos from the Dedication


Residential Burn Building

The burn building is a 2,280 square-foot, 1 1„2 -story residential-type structure that can be used for multiple evolutions, such as fire attack on first and second floors, forcible entry, use of a vertical ventilation prop on the roof that allows crews to practice smoke removal, Rapid Intervention Crew techniques, firefighter safety and survival procedures, firefighter accountability, fire ground ladders and many more exercises.


Drill Tower

The drill tower is a 5,372 square-foot, four-story building that has numerous training exercises built into it. Rappelling can be carried out from multiple locations, and confined space props allow instructors to train responders and industrial users to operate and/or rescue victims in confined space incidents. There is a prop for high line training used to teach and practice moving victims from high ground to a lower point in a controlled manner, an elevator rescue area and a fire department connection to practice hose handling in a multistory building. Law enforcement personnel will use the tower for suspect searches and building clearing exercises.


Control Tower

The control tower is where monitoring of activities on the training grounds can be carried out, and burns can be controlled. It is an 855 square-foot, two-story structure with a public address system that can transmit audio throughout the entire area.


Drafting and Auto Extraction/Burn Pits

A drafting pit, located next to a pond, is available for service testing of pumpers and pump operations training. Near the drill tower is an auto extrication/burn pit that will be used to train rescue workers to remove victims trapped in vehicles and for vehicle fire training.


Future Plans

Future phases of this facility, depending on funding, would include an apparatus/classroom building that will house fire and rescue vehicles for training purposes, an indoor firing range for law enforcement training, a multi-story commercial burn building and a driving track where all emergency services groups can practice driving skills.