Students in Gym for Breast Cancer Awareness Vollyball Game

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations cover a wide range of interests at Sandhills Community College. You are encouraged to get involved in at least one group, more if your schedule allows. To join a particular club or organization, contact the advisor listed with the information about each club. If you don’t see a club or organization that suits your interests, you can begin one! Speak to our Director of Student Life.

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The Association for Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Surveying, otherwise known as the ACES Club, provides students with knowledge of these and related fields outside of the classroom.‚  In spring of 2010, the ACES Club participated in the Experience Engineering Project, where students explored educational 2 + 2 Engineering Technology transfer options.‚  Students traveled to New York City and Washington D.C. to see the Freedom Tower construction, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, the Skyscraper Museum, and mass transit systems. Students must be enrolled in either the Architecture, Construction, Engineering, or Surveying programs to join the club.


Faculty Advisor

Ed Spitler
163 Little Hall
(910) 695-3797

Ginny Ferguson 
114 Steed Hall 
(910) 695-3882  

Matt Shefield 
170 Little Hall 
Mike Sassano 
153 Little Hall 


The Alliance for Black Culture (ABC) is organized to represent the voice of black students at Sandhills Community College. Students celebrate their culture through academic, social, and community service engagements. We seek to cultivate an understanding of history, art, customs, cuisine, dress, language, literature, and society. All races are invited to connect and share in the upward mobility of diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus as well as within our community at large. ABC is committed to welcoming, providing, and sustaining a support system to increase the success of black graduates at Sandhills Community College. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join.



Tonelli Hackett
124 Stone Hall
(910) 695-3737
Tramaine Pride
115 Dempsey Student Center
(910) 246-4123

Kim Aliago
120 Stone Hall
(910) 695-3738

The Astronomy Club encourages students to look into astronomy and astronomy related topics outside of a purely academic context. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Jeanne Morse
104 Meyer Hall
(910) 695-3762 


Interested in intramurals? Sports that have been popular in the past include soccer, tennis, and sand volleyball. Students of all levels/abilities are encouraged to start a sport and/or participate. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Ryan Riggan
232 Dempsey Student Center
(910) 246-4121

The SCC Chess Club provides an opportunity for students to socialize, learn, and grow through playing chess. Alongside regular meetings, the Chess Club also hosts opportunities for students to teach the game of chess to their fellow peers and holds chess tournaments (for charity). Our main objectives are to teach, learn, and to play chess – and to help people out along the way. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Daniel Regalado
Logan 208
(910) 246-4946 

The SCC Chapter of Circle K International will be a prominent, inclusive, and impactful student-led organization helping to improve the quality of life for the people in the Sandhills and SCC students through service, leadership and fellowship. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Tammy Stewart
107 Boyd Library
(910) 695-3821

The Computer Technology Club gives students the opportunity to meet others with similar interests in computer technology. The club facilitates communication, discussion and dispersion of information relating to computer applications, services and technologies. The club includes students from all areas of computer instruction offered on the campus including, but not limited to, computer programming, computer engineering, digital media, networking, and simulation and game development. Club members are encouraged, through outreach programs, to give back to the SCC campus community and the Sandhills community at large. Above all else this club is open to all who WANT to know more¦


Paul Steel
213 Little Hall
(910) 695-3815
Rick Hooker 
242 Little Hall 

The Creative Writing Club is all about writing creatively. Writing is one of those niche interests that only a small percentage of people take part in. As such, finding like-minded individuals who share a literary passion can be a challenge. The Creative Writing Club makes that challenge negligible. All that a literature-loving student will have to do to get involved with other writers is join up! Members of the club will be given the opportunity to share their work with others, and, naturally, have others' work shared with themselves. Peer reviews have been instrumental in my come-up as a writer, and it goes both ways. When my work is analyzed, I get to see what I did right and what I did wrong: perfect information for improvement. When analyzing another's work, I get to see what they did right and what they did wrong: perfect information for improvement. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Renee Whitmore
Logan 133
(910) 695-3867  

Cru has been on college campuses for over 65 years. It is a caring community of people who are passionate about Jesus. And passionate about helping the world know him, too.

The student groups care deeply about one another and are excited about helping others know Jesus. They find opportunities to get involved in all kinds of ministry on campus and in the local community. You’ll find people trying hard to reflect the love and grace they have experienced through Christ. You won’t find people who are perfect- just passionate. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 

CRU Website



Students that are accepted into the UNC-CH Student Transfer Excellence Program (C-STEP) at Sandhills Community College are eligible to be members of this organization. The club will educate students interested in applying to the program, provide support to students currently in C-STEP, and participate in campus and community events to provide leadership opportunities for members. Only students accepted into the C-Step program are allowed to join the club.


Matthew Dial
218 Meyer Hall
(910) 695-3960

Fellowship of Christian Athletes LogoFellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) has been on one mission for over 60 years. That mission is to help students unite their two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Disciples making disciples is a powerful focus of FCA participants. The group has a weekly Bible study and special events. Come meet us at the FCA table at the college’s bi-annual club fairs. Meeting time and places are advertised on the campus TV monitors or contact James or Lauren. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 



Lauren Easterly
216 Logan Hall

The purpose of the club is to provide SCC students access to a growing industry and bridge the gap between the established Ground Training Aviation Program at SCC, and Flight Training opportunities. The Club will educate students on how to take their ground training learned at SCC to the skies, and connect them with local Flight Training facilities. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Keith Davies
243 Little Hall
(910) 693-2076

The GST*A is a safe space for all individuals interested. We are working towards creating a safer and more accepting college campus experience. The GST*A works with faculty, staff, students, and community organizations to provide an educational and enjoyable experience for all. Allies and those not in the LGBTQ+ community are welcome to attend. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Every 1st & 3rd Thursday, Noon – 1 p.m.
Dempsey Student Center, 2nd Floor
SGA Boardroom




Sue Senior
170 Kennedy Hall
(910) 695-3922
Jami Dandridge
221C Stone Hall
(910) 693-2072


The SCC Health & Fitness Club helps to gather individuals who appreciate fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. In this club individuals are encouraged to share their ideas and new information that will help to improve the overall health of the group and those around them. Students of all levels/abilities are encouraged and welcome to join. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Shelby Basinger
109 Blue Hall
(910) 246-4961

One of the oldest and most renowned organizations on the Sandhills Community College campus is the Sandhills Horticulture Club. The clubs primary purpose is to provide a vehicle to support outside activities and competitions in which the Landscape Gardening students participate. Annual bedding plant sales, and other creative projects support student trips, competitions, and student career days. Students must be enrolled in the one of the Landscape and Gardening programs to join.


Hilarie Blevins
209 Steed Hall
(910) 695-3885

Latin X is a club dedicated to raising awareness about the Latin X and Hispanic culture by providing resources for our campus community. Club participants do not need to identify as Latino/a/x in order to join as we aim to actively participate in the expression and inclusion of diversity among campus. The club welcomes anyone and everyone! Our objective is to educate the student body on traditions and cultures they may not be familiar with, along with raising awareness and celebration for marginalized groups on campus. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Bill Pope 
220 Van Dusen Hall 
Ana Mujunen
111 Logan Hall

The Music Production Club is here to give students the opportunity to create music using music software as well as various kind of instruments. We would also love to teach students how to make music. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Bill Pope 
220 Van Dusen Hall 


Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for two-year schools.

The hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa are scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service. Members are involved in many activities and services on campus, in the surrounding communities, and across the nation. Kappans serve as hosts for the college’s lecture series, as Marshalls at graduation, and as assistants with on-campus service activities like blood drives and registration.

Membership is available to students by invitation only and requires a 3.7 GPA based on 16+ hours of college credit courses. Invitees who choose to join are inducted in both spring and fall semesters. Students must be members of Phi Theta Kappa Chapter to join the club.

Phi Theta Kappa Website



Jackie Babb
207 Little Hall
(910) 695-3802

Scott Robinson
206 Little Hall
(910) 695-3869

The Pre-Health Club plans on hosting guest speakers that specialize in different areas of the healthcare field once a month. As of now, the planned speakers include a medical doctor, a nurse practitioner, a radiologist and the Director of Health Programs at SCC. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Matthew Dial
218 Meyer Hall
(910) 695-3960 

The Radiology Technology Club includes students that are enrolled in SCCs Radiography program.  Club members are encouraged to give back to the community through school and community sponsored events. Club members also host fundraisers to support workshops and attendance at State Radiography conferences, where students are encouraged to network, build relationships with peers, reach for higher professional goals, and support patient safety initiatives. This club provides opportunities for students to get involved in school, community, and professional initiatives to give back and raise standards affecting our healthcare profession. Students host fundraising events to provide funding for NCSRT conference and ARRT Registry preparation. Students must be enrolled in the Radiography Program to join.


Robin Garner
158 Kennedy Hall
(910) 695-3916

The Sandhills Association of Nursing Students (SANS) seeks to introduce participants to the nursing profession through their professional organization and to provide a setting for professional socialization. Active membership is available to all ADN (Associate Degree Nursing) students. SANS also promotes and encourages participation in community affairs and activities related to improving healthcare. SANS provides opportunities for state and national networking with their professional organization. Fundraisers, service projects, social events, educational programs, and mentoring and recruitment opportunities are all part of the experience available to SANS members. Students must be enrolled in the Nursing program to join.


Hannah Altergott
Kennedy 110
(910) 695-3935 

The Socio-Civic Club provides students with the opportunity to engage in conversations regarding world wide and local issues using reliable information from credible sources. We invite all students to join! Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Heather Lyons
219 Van Dusen
(910) 695-3731

Dr. Craig Van Pelt
228 Van Dusen
(910) 246-4979


Members of Sandhills Students for Life work to save lives threatened by induced abortion, euthanasia, and the destruction of human embryos for research. In furtherance of these goals, members seek to promote respect for life at Sandhills and on a local, state, and national level, to educate on life issues, to help those in need so that life is a promising choice, and to work with others who share common goals. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Virginia (Ginny) Ferguson
114 Steed Hall
(910) 695-3882

The Sandhills Tennis Club provides an inclusive environment where students can feel welcome while enjoying the game of Tennis. College life can at times seem overwhelming and every now and then college students may feel the need to have a break from their typical school day. The tennis club is open to all students regardless of experience in playing tennis. Any currently enrolled student is allowed to join. 


Alicia Riggan
Dempsey 114

Sandhills Community College Veterans Club, SCCVC is a community first focused organization, organized with similarly interested students to provide a common sense of esprit de corps amongst Southern Pines, Pinehurst, West End, and Carthage. Volunteer opportunities include hospitality services conducted at the Lee County Veterans Affairs Clinic in Sanford, NC, Community Beautification Drives, Volunteer opportunities at First Health of the Carolinas in Pinehurst, NC, and Weekend Training Clinics. This club works in conjunction with the Veterans department at Sandhills Community College and is in place to guide and encourage recently separated veterans to participate in career bettering opportunities in their community.  All full-time degree seeking students of Sandhills Community College that have previously served in any branch of the United States Military, or are currently serving as Reserve or National Guard can join the club.


Emily Davis
Stone 221A
(910) 695-3732