Starting a Club

Sandhills Community College students who are interested in establishing a club while at the college are encouraged to do so. The club and its purpose must promote the personal-social development of students and are consistent with the values and principles supported by Sandhills Community College. The SGA facilitates the registration process for new clubs. The SGA Executive Board will make decisions to recognize a club under the advisement of the Director of Student Life. The following steps must be taken to start a club:


Step 1

Find a minimum of four (4) student members and a Full-Time Faculty/Staff Advisor.

Step 2

Complete the Club Registration Form, Club Constitution Form, and the Advisor Agreement Form (Advisor Completes.) 

Step 3

Once approved, you will be scheduled to present your club’s mission and purpose to the SGA Executive Board at the next SGA General Meeting. The Board will then vote on sanctioning and granting official status to the club. 


Dana Diaz Cuellar
Director of Student Life
(910) 695-3858