1.1 Mission Statement

1.1 Mission Statement

Board of Trustee Approval:
February 1, 2016

The College will adhere to this following mission statement:

The mission of Sandhills Community College is to provide educational opportunities of the highest quality to all the people of the Sandhills.

The college is committed to the five core values of INTEGRITY, HELPFULNESS, EXCELLENCE, RESPECT AND OPPORTUNITY.  These values guide and direct Sandhills Community College as it seeks:

  • To welcome students of all ability levels and to provide programs that prepare them for employment or for transfer (EXCELLENCE);
  • To develop student and academic support services that promote student success (HELPFULNESS);
  • To provide training for local businesses and enhance the economic well-being of the region (OPPORTUNITY);
  • To contribute to the cultural and artistic richness of the community, and to the educational needs of our retired population (INTEGRITY);
  • To create a campus environment that celebrates its faculty and staff, and supports their personal and professional development (RESPECT).

This mission is achieved by the accomplishment of the following goals:

For-Credit Academic Programs

1.    To educate students for professional and personal opportunities by providing technical and transfer programs.

Support Services

2.    To provide beneficial student services and academic support programs that help students live better lives through meeting their career, academic, and personal goals.

Access and Opportunity

3.    To ensure access and opportunity by minimizing barriers to employment and/or to college credit and non credit courses.

Economic Development

4.    To provide the necessary training to help recruit businesses and to drive entrepreneurial growth in our service area, to promote workplace learning, and to prepare students for employment through credit and noncredit courses and programs.

Campus and Community Life

5.    To provide opportunities for cultural enrichment, life-long learning, student involvement, and community service.

Campus Resources

6.    To ensure that the college has the necessary financial, human, technological, and physical resources to advance the excellence of its programs.