1.1.1 Mission Statement Review

1.1.1 Mission Statement Review

Revised: October 1, 2012; October 1, 2018

Sandhills Community College periodically reviews and updates its mission statement and submits any revisions to the Senior Administration for review and response; it is then sent to the Board of Trustees for ratification, as detailed below. The mission statement must be in accordance with the State Board of Community Colleges Code, 1A SBCCC 200.1, Mission of the Community College System and NCGS115D-1, Statement of Purpose.

The review of the mission statement includes a review of the goals that support the mission statement as well as a review of the Campus-Wide Outcomes that document whether the college is achieving its mission and goals.

The Mission statement and related goals and outcomes are initially reviewed by members of the Campus Planning Committee, which includes a wide range of campus representation. The planning committee members draft proposed changes to the mission statement and supporting goals, seeking input from additional faculty and staff through formal channels such as the Faculty Assembly and Staff Council.

A draft of recommended changes is then submitted to the senior administration who may refine, edit, or redirect the work of the committee. After the approval of senior administration, the revised mission and goals are submitted to the President for approval. Final approval of the mission statement and supporting goals is given by the Board of Trustees

Once the mission statement and supporting goals are approved by the Trustees, the planning committee begins the work of reviewing the Campus-Wide Outcomes. These outcomes are crafted to evaluate how well the college is achieving its mission. During the process, some outcomes are revised, some deleted, and some added by the planning committee and appropriate subcommittees.

The revised Campus-Wide Outcomes are reviewed by the full Campus Planning Committee and Senior Administration at the IE meeting held each summer prior to their implementation.

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