Faculty & Staff Printing Instructions

Printing On Your PC or Mac

Print to the following print queue:


Logging Into a Printer

Log onto a copier using your Employee ID Card:

Use the attached Card Reader.


Log onto a copier using your Employee ID number:

  1. Press the Sign In button.
  2. Press the blank field below ID number.
  3. Type in your Employee ID number, press OK, and then press OK again at the Log In screen.


Releasing a Print Job

  1. Press Print Release.
  2. After pressing the Print Release button, you will see a listing of all of your print jobs (Press the checkbox beside an individual print job to toggle the checkmark). Press Print to print all jobs that are checked (or Delete to remove jobs from the queue).
  3. Once you pressed the Print button, then you will be notified that your print jobs will be printed. Press the OK button.
  4. Once your jobs are released, you will see a screen indicating that your job has been released. Press the HOME button at the top left corner to return to this screen.
  5. Press Sign Out to log off. Otherwise you will automatically be logged off after a set amount of time.