Summer Section Descriptions

Due to COVID related capacity restrictions, classes may be split into A/B sections. Half of the class meets in person one day and the other half meets in person on another day. When not attending class in person, students may be able to attend online.
Main Campus
Section # Description Section # Description Section # Description
A01, A02 Traditional 10wks B01, B02 Traditional 1st 5wks C01, C02 Traditional 2nd 5wks
AE1, AE2 Evening 10wks BE1, BE2 Evening 1st 5wks CE1, CE2 Evening 2nd 5wks
AH1, AH2 Hybrid 10wks BH1, BH2 Hybrid 1st 5wks CH1, CH2 Hybrid 2nd 5wks
AEH Evening, Hybrid 10wks BEH Evening, Hybrid 1st 5wks CEH Evening, Hybrid 2nd 5wks
AWH Weekend, Hydrid 10wks BWH Weekend, Hybrid 1st 5wks CWH Weekend, Hybrid 2nd 8wks
AN1, AN2 Internet 10wks BN1, BN2 Internet 1st 5wks CN1, CN2 Internet 2nd 5wks
GA01 Traditional 10wks Gateway GB01 Traditional 1st 5wks Gateway GC01 Traditional 2nd 5wks Gateway
GAH1 Hybrid 10wks Gateway GBH1 Hybrid 1st 5wks Gateway GCH1 Hybrid 2nd 5wks Gateway
GAN1 Internet 10wks Gateway GBN1 Internet 1st 5wks Gateway GCN1 Internet 2nd 5wks Gateway
Hoke Center
Section # Description Section # Description Section # Description
KA01 Traditional 10wks KB01 Traditional 1st 5wks KC01 Traditional 2nd 5wks
KAE1 Evening 10wks KBE1 Evening 1st 5wks KCE1 Evening 2nd 5wks
KAH1 Hybrid 10wks KBH1 Hybrid 1st 5wks KCH1 Hybrid 2nd 5wks
KAEH Evening, Hybrid 10wks KBEH Evening, Hybrid 1st 5wks KCEH Evening, Hybrid 2nd 5wks
KAWH Weekend, Hydrid 10wks KBWH Weekend, Hybrid 1st 5wks KCWH Weekend, Hybrid 2nd 8wks
GKA01 Traditional 10wks Gateway GKB01 Traditional 1st 5wks Gateway CKC01 Traditional 2nd 5wks Gateway
CKAH1 Hybrid 10wks Gateway CKBH1 Hybrid 1st 5wks Gateway GKCH1 Hybrid 2nd 5wks Gateway