Russell Dining Room

The Russell Dining Room is a 52 seat dining room located in one of the newest buildings on campus Little Hall. In the Culinary and Pastry Arts programs we emphasize hands-on and real-world experiences.  The Russell Dining Room located within the Peggy Kirk Bell Culinary Arts Center is where this all comes together. When you dine with us you could be taking part in up to four classes. A Culinary class will prepare your meal, the Baking class will make the desserts and bread, the Sanitation and Safety Class will clean and sanitize and the Food and Beverage Service class will greet and serve you.

This room may look like a dining room but it is a fully working classroom. We also have a demonstration kitchen at one end of this room so we can share a demonstration of a technique or product with a larger class than our kitchen can allow. We welcome you to Little Hall and The Russell Dining Room and hope you enjoy your experience.

Come dine with us!