Disability Services, Tips for Success

You are your own best advocate!

Visit our Disability Services Office as soon as you decide to attend Sandhills Community College. This gives us the ability to serve you best.

You can discuss your needs with your instructors and advisor if you desire.

Meet with your instructors often. Know their office location and hours. If you don’t understand something covered in class, meet with them as soon as possible to discuss further.

Utilize the many services at the college.

We offer personal and career counseling through our Career Services and Counseling Center. Avail yourself of these free services.

Sandhills Community College has an outstanding Tutoring Center. Sign up early in the semester if you are taking a class in which you think you will need a bit of additional instruction.

Use our computer labs if you have need of a computer and do not have access to one.

Meet with your advisor every semester. As a current student, you will be able to register for classes during Priority Registration, which is before new or returning students. Your advisor will help you develop a manageable schedule.

Take charge of your own education.

Arrive to class early every day. This demonstrates that you are serious about learning.

Keep up with your assignments. College material is covered rapidly. Do not let yourself get behind. They will not wait on you.

Talk to someone as soon as you start to experience academic difficulties or feel overwhelmed. Waiting too long will only make matters worse. See your instructor after class or during office hours. Utilize our Tutoring Center.

Talk with your instructor prior to or immediately after missing class. It is important to let them know you take the material seriously and do not want to get behind.

Develop and use a time management schedule. If you need help with this, visit our Career Services and Counseling Center.

Put each course syllabus in the front of the appropriate notebook, and review it often.

Limit the number of classes you take the first semester. Go easy on yourself until you know you can handle the demands of more classes.

Set your schedule wisely. Don’t take an 8 a.m. class if you are not a morning person. Balance your schedule so you don’t have too many classes on one day. Your advisor can help you with this.

Set realistic goals. You know yourself best and what you are capable of. If it takes a bit longer to accomplish your educational goals, that is better than overburdening yourself and giving up.