Technical Requirements for Using Moodle

Web Browser

To find out what browser you are using you can use the What Browser Am I Using site.

We highly recommend you use Firefox or Chrome to access your Moodle course.

We encourage you to keep your browser current to improve security and functionality.

The following browsers have issues with Moodle:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and below
  • Safari 7 and below

You must also:

Recommended Free Downloads

Technical Tips for Using Moodle

  • Avoid using the “Back” and “Forward” buttons on your browser while using Moodle.
  • When logged into Moodle, never leave your work sitting idle for more than four hours or the system will log you out automatically without saving or submitting your current work.
  • When having difficulty logging in, close all of your web browsers and try again from the MySCC page. After 3 incorrect login attempts, your account will be automatically locked for 30 minutes.