Stone Hall Front Entrance Project RFP

Be advised there has been an extension on the bid due date.
Bids are now due: January 16th 2018 at 1 pm to be opened at McKean Hall

The objective states, in part, “that SCC is seeking quotes for competitive pricing from Licensed NC General Contractors…” For correction and clarification, the requirement of NC General Contractor is corrected to reflect that a licensed Landscape Contractor can subcontract those services that are outside of their license, ie. Electrical contractor, plumbing contractor.

Please note the correction to Addendum 1

A1-19 Reference L-3, Planting Note 5 L-5
​Note 11 states, “All areas to be sodded shall receive 4” loam soil tilled into existing soil.”
Not 11 is corrected to read, ”All areas to be sodded shall receive lime at the rate of 50lbs per 1000 square feet and 10-10-10 fertilizer at the rate of 10 lbs per 1000 square feet.

Questions and Answers relating to the project

Q: What is the budget for the water feature?
A: Water feature is to be within $10,000 budget.

Q: Will the steps have a relief like the existing steps?
A: The new steps will be 90 degree without relief?

Q: What irrigation will SCC be responsible for?
A: SCC will be responsible for all irrigation except as found in the alternates bid if it is accepted

Q: Will the requested block for the wall be sufficient to allow core drilling for the hand railings?
A: Replace the 4” block with 8” to allow for core drilling without compromising the block.

Q: Having trouble with locating vendor for Capital Blend pavers.
A: Here’s what we’re shooting for,  Pinehall brick pavers is a paver that SCC has used in other areas.  Pathway in a full range color.  Capital Blend as directed in the project documents is a term used by another manufacturer, Belgard (I believe) to describe this color range.  I just learned they are no longer making that paver. Word to everyone, Pinehall pathway full range color.

Stone Hall Courtyard Drainage Structure

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5


Bid Tab Sheet

Pre Bid Sign in sheet

Cover Sheet

Site Plan

Demolition Plan

Planting Plan

Landscape and Irrigation Plan

Top Step Clarification (JPG Image)


Douglas Smith, Facilities Director
(910) 695-3811
105 McKean Campus Services Center


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