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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Jamilah Malik-Ismail

While a student at Pinecrest High School, Jamilah Malik-Ismail took classes at Sandhills. Because of that, she was able to take advantage of two years free tuition at the college through the Sandhills Promise. She was unsure about what she wanted to major in, so coming to Sandhills for her freshman year was ideal.

Now she’s working toward an Associates in Arts degree and was selected to be a Student Ambassador.

Jamilah says that she wishes more people were aware of the benefits of an Associates in Arts degree. “It’s especially good for people who are still unsure of what they want to do going forward. Since it’s broader, you can take several different courses, and it’ll help narrow down your interests.”

What makes Sandhills special to her? “Sandhills is a college that is filled with staff that truly does care about the students, and actively shows it on a day-to-day basis.” She says she feels like she belongs because “The thing about Sandhills is that there’s great diversity here. Everyone brings something unique to the table, and that’s how everyone demonstrates ‘belong’ at Sandhills.”

Similarly, as a Student Ambassador, she’s “looking forward to having the opportunity to meet new people and strengthen relationships with both the staff, faculty, and students.”

In addition to her studies at Sandhills, Jamilah loves music. She plays guitar, sings, and wants to get involved in theater. She also works at Sandhills Cinema 10.

Jamilah plans to transfer after she graduates from Sandhills – she is still trying to decide to which university. After that, she’d like to travel – “France would be nice.”

If she looks familiar, you may have seen her before. Jamilah was featured on an SCC billboard during October and November of this year.

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