University Studies


Transfer Programs

The University Studies Program is designed for students enrolled in the Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.), Associate in Engineering (A.E.), Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.), Associate in Arts in Teacher Preparation (A.A.T.P) or Associate in Science in Teacher Preparation (A.S.T.P.) degree that want to continue their education as juniors at a university. Please use the links on the left to access your degree requirements.

The transfer programs offered at Sandhills Community College fall under Comprehensive Articulation Agreements or Uniform Articulation Agreements between the North Carolina Community Colleges and universities of the UNC system. For a list of Articulation Agreements, go to Transfer Resources. On that Transfer Resources page, you will also find other useful information that will help you transfer to a UNC university.


East Carolina University Pirate Promise Agreement

East Carolina University (ECU) and Sandhills Community College (SCC) signed a co-admission agreement, the Pirate Promise Agreement, that offers qualified SCC students guaranteed admission to ECU. The requirements to apply for Pirate Promise include completion of the degree at SCC, carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, and a cumulative 2.5 minimum GPA. View a complete list of requirements and students benefits of the Pirate Promise Agreement.

Please note that the Pirate Promise Program is not associated with the Sandhills Promise Program or NC Promise.


UNC Chapel Hill C-Step Program

If you are particularly interested in transferring to UNC-Chapel Hill and are early in your degree with us, please read about the C-STEP program to see if you qualify.


UNC Wilmington PathWays Program

This program is a partnership between UNC Wilmington and Sandhills Community College. It is a pathway for guaranteed transfer admission to UNCW for students completing an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Engineering, Associate in Arts or Science Teacher Preparation, or Associate in Fine Arts. To be eligible, students must meet UNCW Admissions requirements and comply with university admission policy. Guaranteed admission to the university does not constitute admission to a professional school or specific program. Students entering the PathWays program will be expected to indicate their plan by submitting a PathWays enrollment form. Students will still need to apply to transfer by the priority deadline for their desired term. 

If you have questions, contact the Transfer Student Success Coordinator at UNCW.


North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)

SCC students who intend to earn their Associate degree and who are interested in pursuing a major in agriculture or life sciences at North Carolina State University, must successfully complete the Associate in Science at Sandhills Community College by taking the courses listed here.

SCC students who want to transfer into selected programs at CALS can also apply to the PackTrac program. Note that Packtrac only accepts first-semester community college students who have completed less than 20 credit hours of college work.


Other Transfer Opportunities
  • Sandhills CC has transfer partnerships with private colleges and universities. To learn more, go to the Private College Transfer page.
  • Sandhills also offers Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees that will transfer into university-designated baccalaureate degree programs under bi-lateral agreements. For more information, please go to Applied Science Transfer Agreements.


Contact Information Pinehurst Campus

Academic and Program Information

Professor Catherine Skura, University Studies Coordinator
(910) 695-3750
207-208 Stone Hall

Associate in Engineering Degree Program

Professor Jeanne Morse
(910) 695-3762
104 Meyer Hall

Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre

William (Bill) Saunders
(910) 695-3874
010 Kennedy Hall

Associate in Fine Arts In Visual Arts

Professor Lori Lorion
(910) 695-3879
002 Kennedy Hall

Associate in Fine Arts in Music

Professor Ryan Book
(910) 695-3828
126 Wellard Hall

Associate in Teacher Preparation

Associate Professor Susan Sheets
(910) 695-2745
230 Logan Hall

C-STEP Program

Professor Matthew Dial
(910) 695-3960
218 Meyer Hall


Professor Catherine Skura, University Studies Coordinator
(910) 695-3750
207-208 Stone Hall


Contact Information Hoke Campus

Rosa McAllister-McRae, Director, Student Services Hoke Center, Personal Counselor
112 Johnson Hall, Hoke Center