Engineering Technologies – Engineering Technology Summer Camps, Additional Information

There is no prerequisite knowledge required. Campers are not expected to know anything about the topics covered prior to the camp.

Campers will learn about a variety of topics from Sandhills Community College faculty. The goal is to learn and have fun!

A portion of our program will involve a light level of outdoor activity. Tennis shoes are highly recommended.  Our staff will encourage all campers to try the activities but they are not required to do so.

Campers will be provided a $10/day voucher (Monday-Thursday) to be used at the SCC Cafeteria.  We will host a pizza party on the Thursday each week of camp. 

The college does not have a “camp nurse.” Campers requiring medications must be able to self-medicate. The college must be made aware of medications campers are taking, so that if they have a medical emergency the correct information can be provided to emergency personnel. Similarly we need information about severe allergies and conditions such as asthma.

We will make every effort to accommodate campers with disabilities. Please let us know your campers accommodation needs, and we’ll work to meet them.

Cell phones are a distraction to campers and interfere with their ability to concentrate on planned activities, develop relationships with the other campers, and develop independence when away from home. Appropriate cell phone restrictions will be enforced. Campers should be prepared to have cell phone access limited to coordinating their end-of-day pick-up. If a camper has a condition that requires monitoring, cell phone contact is allowed.

There are certain readiness characteristics that campers must demonstrate to participate in camp activities.

  • Campers must be able to participate at the appropriate level in all activities, including meals, independently, without parental assistance.
  • Campers who require medication must be able to self-medicate.
  • Campers with food allergies must be able to make appropriate food choices.