5.8.2 Faculty Evaluation Procedures

5.8.2 Faculty Evaluation Procedures

Revised: October 1, 2012; October 1, 2016; November 1, 2020

Faculty are afforded access to the Clear Company evaluation instrument to ensure they have knowledge of the general process used in faculty evaluation.

Faculty members with three years of service or less are considered probationary (or mentored) faculty and are evaluated according to the “Faculty Development and Evaluation Program for New Faculty Members” administered by the Office of the Dean of Instruction. Faculty members with four or more years of service will be evaluated at least once annually. Full-time faculty to whom the College does not intend to issue a contract will be notified by April 1 of the year of expiration of the current contract

Faculty Performance Criteria
Evaluation of a faculty member’s performance is determined using criteria that are consistent with the Sandhills Community College.

Faculty Mission and Philosophy statement included herein. As is clearly stated in the mission and philosophy statement and the “statement of academic freedom” included in this manual, College policies are supportive of the concept of academic freedom and the free and open exchange of academic concepts and ideas on campus and as part of classroom activities. At the same time, the faculty evaluation process helps ensure that the equally important principle of academic integrity is also followed. Faculty member performance is measured against the letter and spirit of the mission and philosophy statement as well as the following criteria:

A faculty member should:

  • provide quality instruction,
  • stay current in the scholarship of his or her discipline and teaching methodology,
  • support student learning outside of class,
  • be an effective and helpful advisor,
  • support his or her department and the College, and
  • maintain a collegial relationship with others at the College.

These criteria form the basis for the faculty and student evaluation forms. In addition, special emphasis during the evaluation process is placed on improving faculty performance through professional development activities. The faculty member is provided the opportunity to document those efforts each year on the Self Evaluation form. When additional revenue is available, the criteria listed above will be used to identify faculty members eligible for merit increases in salary.

Evaluation of Adjunct (Part-Time) Faculty Criteria
Evaluation of the performance of adjunct faculty will be accomplished using the same mission and philosophy statement and criteria as for full-time faculty. Student evaluations will also be administered and considered in the same manner. Documentation of the evaluation results will be maintained by department chairs and used when considering future use of adjunct faculty. A summary of adjunct performance will be provided to the Dean of Instruction at the department chair’s annual evaluation meeting.

eLearning Faculty Evaluation Criteria
In addition to the above criteria, faculty members who teach distance learning courses will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of basic computer operations, including the Internet, e-mail, online support and resources, and use of web pages and web-boards. This criteria element is conducted as part of the eLearning Instruction Certificate whereby instructors are certified to teach online courses.
  • Willingness to respond to eLearning students within 24 to 48 hours via e-mail or telephone.
  • Willingness to be available via electronic means for assistance, responding to questions, or otherwise assisting the students enrolled.

The Student Evaluation of Faculty (Previous Academic Year)

The student evaluation portion of the faculty evaluation process will be administered using questions developed by the administration and the Faculty Assembly. Each student is given the opportunity to provide feedback on each instructor and course, and these evaluations provide insight to the forthcoming fall semester faculty evaluation process in each subsequent year. The Office of the Dean of Instruction ensures that the eLearning team launches student evaluations at the close of each semester and administer the distribution and collection of student evaluations.

Initiating the Annual Faculty Evaluation Cycle
The Associate Vice President for Human Resources initiates the faculty evaluation process. Department chairs are given the responsibility to conduct a formal evaluation of each faculty member at least once each year.

Faculty Self Evaluation
September 1st – September 30th—Every faculty member will annually complete the Self Evaluation form that will be presented to the Department Chair. Employees will evaluate their performance based on the previous academic year.

Faculty Evaluation of Department Chairs
In addition, every faculty member will be given the opportunity to participate in the evaluation of his or her Chair before the end of the fall semester on December 31st.

Department Chair Evaluation of Faculty
October 1st – November 30th —Using student and online self-evaluations, department chairs will conduct at least one evaluation meeting with each faculty member during Fall Semester. The Department Chair will evaluate their employees’ performance based on the previous academic year.

The Department Chair may use additional information in conducting the evaluation that may include, but is not limited to, classroom visitations, self-evaluation, student evaluations, and professional development activities. The Department Chair will meet with the faculty prior to submission of the evaluation to review the evaluation. A faculty member may be referred to a professional development activity as a result of information gathered and shared with the faculty member at the evaluation conference.

The Department Chair will also indicate in the online evaluation a recommendation regarding the issuance of a contract for the upcoming year as well as any recommended plans for improvement or remedies for any problems or weaknesses.

Department Chair Evaluation of Faculty Administrative Assistants
October 1st – November 30th —Using faculty and online self-evaluations, department chairs will conduct at least one evaluation meeting with each department administrative assistant during Fall Semester. The Department Chair will evaluate their employees’ performance based on the previous academic year. The Department Chair may use additional information in conducting the evaluation that may include faculty input and staff self evaluation.

Dean of Instruction Review of Faculty Evaluations with the Department Chair
November 1st – December 31st —The Dean of Instruction will conduct a conference with each Department Chair to discuss individual faculty evaluations as well as the Department Chair Evaluation. The Dean of Instruction will discuss the evaluations with the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Following a review of the evaluations and the Dean of Instruction’s recommendation, the Vice President of Academic Affairs will make recommendations regarding faculty contracts to the President.

Actions Following a Poor Evaluation
For faculty who have failed to meet College expectations related to their employment as defined in the job description and as aligned with the Core Values of the College, the Department Chair will inform the Dean of Instruction, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President in writing before January 15th as to the intent to impose a probationary status on that faculty or to not offer a contract for the subsequent fiscal year. The President will then meet with the faculty member prior to April 1st related to the probationary status or the intent to not offer a contract for the subsequent year.

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