5.6.7 Secondary Employment and Outside Compensation

5.6.7 Secondary Employment and Outside Compensation

Added: September 1, 2017

Secondary Employment

Full-time employees who engage in secondary employment have the responsibility to ensure that any such employment does not interfere with their work at the College as outlined in the employee’s position description and the College’s policies and procedures.  The employee shall not utilize College time, facilities, supplies or equipment in relation to any secondary employment.

Prior to beginning any secondary employment, the employee shall provide a written notice of intent for secondary employment by completing a Secondary Employment Approval form. The President or appropriate Vice President(s) shall approve or disapprove of any secondary employment and his/her decision is final.

Full-time College employees’ primary professional obligation is to the College.  Full-time employees may not engage in full-time employment outside of the College.  Any employee that is engaged in full-time employment outside of the College will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Part-time employees wishing to engage in secondary employment within another department of the College must complete the Secondary Employment within SCC form and submit it to their supervisor for approval.  The President or Vice President(s) shall make the final approval or disapproval of any secondary employment and his/her decision is final.

The Board of Trustees shall approve or disapprove any secondary employment of the President.

Outside Compensation

College employees are encouraged to provide leadership and professional expertise to various constituencies or organizations whether locally, regionally or nationally who may request their services as a result of their College employment provided that the outside activity does not interfere or compete with their full-time duties at the College.

A College employee must receive the approval of his/her immediate supervisor prior to committing to any outside activity which occurs during the normal workday. College employees may accept outside compensation for services rendered during annual leave, holidays, semester breaks or other such times when classes are not in session or if the services provided take place outside the scheduled or the normal workday. Outside compensation does not include nominal honorariums that staff or faculty members receive as a representative of the College for services provided for workshops, seminars, SACS visits, or state or regional committee involvement. Exceptions to this section of the Policy must be approved by the President.

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