5.4.6 Re-Employment

5.4.6 Re-Employment

Revised: October 1, 2012

On an annual basis, the President, a supervisor, director, or vice president may decide not to recommend re-employment of an employee. The supervisor must forward the recommendation to the appropriate Vice President for review. If the Vice President supports the recommendation, it is then forwarded to the President. Except as provided, the decision not to re-employ an employee at the conclusion of a contract shall be made in accordance with this procedure. In exercise of his or her judgment, the President shall review recommendations by supervisors and the Executive Vice President or area Vice President of the intent not to re-employ and will take into account and use as the basis of decision, in whole or in part, all factors deemed relevant to institutional interests—except that the decision may not be based upon discrimination based upon age, race, color, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, genetic information, or other legally protected status.

The President shall inform the Board of Trustees at least annually of employees who will not be re-employed.

In the event any full-time employee will not be re-employed, the employee will be notified in writing by April 1 of the contract year. If notice is not given in writing by April 1 of the contract year, the employment relationship shall continue without contract on a month-by-month basis until a new contract is offered or the employee is notified of termination. Decision by the College not to re-employ is not subject to appeal.

Any full-time employee who does not wish to be considered for re-employment shall notify his or her direct supervisor in writing at least thirty days prior to the expiration of the contract.

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