5.21.1 Reporting Communicable Disease

5.21.1 Reporting Communicable Disease

Created: October 1, 2019; October 1, 2020

Curriculum students should report a communicable disease condition to the Vice President of Student Services. Continuing Education students should report such conditions to the Vice President for Continuing Education and Workforce Development. At the Hoke Center, communicable disease conditions should be reported to the Associate Vice President of the Hoke Center. Employees should report such conditions to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources. In all cases, these college officials should then notify the Vice President of Student Services who will, in turn, notify the appropriate County Health Department.

The appropriate Vice President will take necessary steps to ensure the medical safety of the student and the college community; if deemed necessary for the good of all, the student may be asked to remove himself or herself from the campus until a necessary evaluation of the condition is completed and the President of the College issues a final ruling concerning the enrollment status of the student. This policy and its associated procedure is one part of the College’s on-going attempt to promote awareness, education, and counseling on communicable diseases.

Under extraordinary circumstances, the College may establish a Communicable Disease Office which will receive reports of possible cases, make decisions on removal and return to campus, and report out as appropriate. This office will receive guidance and direction from the Vice President of Student Services.

More information is available in the “Compliance” section of the college Catalog.

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