5.19.1 Workers Compensation Guidelines

5.19.1 Workers Compensation Guidelines

Revised: October 1, 2014

All College employees are covered by the provisions of the Workmen’s Compensation Act. Under this Act, liability is limited to injuries or death sustained during working hours by accidents arising out of and in the case of employment by the College. These accidents must be reported to the Industrial Commission within five days after occurrence or knowledge of injury for which treatment was received or absence from work caused. Injuries of employees must be reported to the Office of Human Resources as soon after the accident as possible. 

State law prohibits Worker’s Compensation being paid to those who accept accident insurance benefits from other sources. Employees with other accident benefits should compare relative benefits from each source before filing application for either benefit. 

Under the Worker’s Compensation Act, the first responsibility for claiming compensation lies with the employee. Necessary forms for this purpose are available from the physician from whom treatment is received or from the Personnel Officer. 

Sandhills Community College currently has an agreement with Sandhills Regional Medical Center under which employees of the College will be treated by Occupational Health Services or referred by their physician to a specialist. 

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