4.11.1 Academic Honesty Penalties

4.11.1 Academic Honesty Penalties

Academic Honesty

Sandhills Community College believes that the pursuit of knowledge requires honesty. Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Copying the work of another.
  2. Collaboration: Working with another person on a test, examination, or paper without expressed authorization and without indicating that collaboration has occurred.
  3. Plagiarism: The representation of the work of another person as one’s own; the failure to cite the source of an idea, information, or words that come from someone other than the author of the paper or the exam.
  4. Use of books, notes, and/or electronic devices in examinations without the explicit permission of the professor.

Penalties for academic dishonesty may include the following:

  1. Zero grade on the test or assignment on which cheating occurs.
  2. Failing grade for the course.
  3. Failing grade and immediate dismissal from the course.

When a student is accused of academic dishonesty, the resolution of the accusation is between the professor and the student. If the solution is unsatisfactory, there is an inherent right to appeal; however, while the accusation of academic dishonesty may be appealed, the penalty may not. The appeal shall be in accordance with the Student Grievance Procedure.

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