3.6.1 Application for Live Projects

3.6.1 Application for Live Projects

Revised: August 6, 2007

If a faculty/staff member intends to create a Live Project for a program, the project initiator will submit a Live Project Application, explaining what educational program the live project is related to, a description of the goods or services being offered, along with prices and dates of sales, and the name of the person responsible for the Live Project. The faculty/staff member should submit the Live Project Application to the appropriate department chair and the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs & Institutional Planning for required signatures. The applicant should bring the signed and approved Live Project Application to the Business Office to the Director of Business Services. A Live Project account will be set up, and instructions will be given to the responsible party on cash collections, receipts, and sales tax, if applicable.

Project clientele will be limited to securing services with “(1) educational programs in which students, as part of their educational experiences and part of the instructional course requirements, repair or remodel non-college-owned personal property or real property; or (2) educational programs that … provide services for a fee, such…goods or services being the normal and necessary product of learning activities of students” (IH SBCCC 300.1).

Project clientele will be restricted to those individuals who recognize that services are provided as part of an educational experience related to specific NCCCS courses from the Combined Course Library and for which the College assumes no liability for the integrity of finished products or services.  Department chairs and program coordinators will set the methodology for determining client charges in relation to replacement parts and service consumables, will adhere to College protocols related to liability for student involvement in these educational experiences, and will adhere to State policy related to project charges, receipts, and disposition of discontinued live project client project fund balances in the event of a program termination.

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