3.3.9 Department Chair Selection Process

3.3.9 Department Chair Selection Process

Board of Trustee Approval: September 30, 2016

Department Chairs are appointed for five-year terms. In the November prior to the June when a chair’s term expires, the following process is followed:

  1. Fulltime faculty members nominate someone from the department using a confidential electronic survey sent to each member. Members may nominate themselves. Current department chairs may be nominated. Input is requested from adjunct faculty teaching in the department through a similar survey. Surveys are generated and results of surveys complied by the Curriculum Associate for Instruction.
  2. The survey information is reported to the Dean of Instruction who discusses the nomination of each individual with him or her. If the nominee is interested in serving as department chair, the Dean meets with the nominee to discuss the responsibilities of the Department Chair, compensation, and the expectations of the administration of department chairs.
  3. The names of those who have confirmed their interest in serving are sent to the fulltime department members through a second confidential survey for a vote.
  4. The results of the vote are reported to the Dean of Instruction who recommends a selection to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The name of the individual selected is reported to the President for approval.

If the vote results in a tie, the selection will be made by the Dean and Vice President and presented for approval to the College President.

Nursing Department Chair Selection
Due to requirements of nursing program accreditation, the Nursing Department Chair is a hired position instead of an elected one. Nursing program accreditation requires certain credentials be held by the Director of Nursing or Nursing Department Chair. Therefore, the SCC hiring process is followed for the selection of the Nursing Department Chair, and there is not a specific term associated with this position.

Interim Chair Selection
If a department chair’s term is terminated (voluntarily or involuntarily) during the five-year term, an interim department chair may be appointed through a recommendation by the Dean of Instruction and approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the College President. The selection process will then be followed to select a department chair whose five-year term will begin on July 1 of the next academic year.

Program Coordinator Selection
Department chairs recommend individuals to serve as program coordinators for applied science programs and, in some instances as noted below, general education departments within their departments to the Dean of Instruction and Vice President of Academic Affairs for approval. Department chairs serve as the program coordinators for the programs in their areas of expertise. A general education department chair may recommend a program coordinator for a subject area within their department based on factors such as number of offerings and the number of adjunct instructors used.

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