3.3.1 Faculty Credentials

3.3.1 Faculty Credentials

Revised: October 1, 2012; November 1, 2020

It is the responsibility of individual faculty members to provide to human resources official copies of required documentation regarding their preparation and qualification to teach curriculum courses. If changes occur in educational credentials it is the responsibility of the individual faculty to provide updated documentation to human resources.

Qualifications for full-time and adjunct faculty are the same for all curriculum credit courses including curriculum credit courses offered as distance learning courses.

The College recognizes academic degrees conferred by regionally accredited institutions. If the faculty member is a graduate of a non-regionally accredited institution, or an institution outside the United States, a further review of credentials will be conducted to ensure appropriate academic preparation.

  1. The SCC criteria for teaching general education or transfer credit courses at the collegiate level are the following: Possession of a valid master’s degree with a major in the teaching field; or
  2. Possession of a valid master’s degree in any area with at least 18 semester graduate hours in the teaching field.

The SCC criteria for teaching professional, occupational, or technical credit courses at the collegiate level are an associate degree or higher and documented work experience in the teaching field. Documentation of appropriate work experience may include but not be limited to:

  1. letters from former supervisors and other appropriate officials;
  2. official performance evaluation records;
  3. certificates of professional recognition, achievement and awards;
  4. other accrediting agency records, licenses and certificates earned; and
  5. other relevant evidence from official sources.

In areas not covered by the criteria above, the following guidelines will be used:

Physical Education: Activity courses require appropriate academic preparation and experience or credentials in the activity area. Theory courses require a master’s degree with at least 18 semester graduate hours in physical education. First aid instruction requires appropriate academic preparation and Red Cross or other comparable certification.

Academic Support: Transitional and support courses require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the subject area or related area and teaching experience in a discipline related to their assignment or graduate training in remedial education.

  1. Certification of Credentials:
      1. Credentials for all faculty must be certified prior to the teaching appointment, and all employment must be conducted according to SCC screening and hiring procedures. If licensure or special certifications are required for the accreditation of an academic program, these credentials must be filed with the Office of Human Resources prior to employment. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to ensure that such certifications are renewed when required.
      2. If a recommended applicant’s highest earned degree is from an institution outside the United States, documentation of appropriate academic preparation must be provided by an authorized organization recognized by SACSCOC to evaluate academic credentials.
  2. Exception to Credential Requirements: Requests for exception to the credentialing requirement may be presented in lieu of formal academic preparation in the above areas. Such cases will document outstanding professional experience and demonstrated contributions to the teaching discipline and must be approved by the Dean of Instruction and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Documentation must be confirmed by external sources.

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