10.5.1 Reporting Weapons Concerns

10.5.1 Reporting Weapons Concerns

Revised: August 6, 2007; October 30, 2020 

NOTE: For all outgoing calls using a college telephone, 9 + the phone number is required to place the call (i.e., instead of dialing 911, 9911 must be dialed).  

Main Campus 
Any student or employee with knowledge of someone carrying or in possession of a weapon on campus property should contact the following: 911, Telecommunication Services (910-692-6185 or 0), Campus Police (910-695-3831 or 0), the Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management (910-695-3714), Vice President of Workforce Continuing Education (910-246-2858), or Vice President of Instruction (910-695-3715). 

Hoke Center 
Hoke Center students or employees should report to security or the Associate Vice President of the Hoke Center at (910) 875-8589. All information will be held in confidence, and reports should be made without any fear of reprisal. An investigation will commence immediately, and the appropriate legal and disciplinary actions will be taken. 

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