10.4.1 Reporting Campus Criminal Acts

10.4.1 Reporting Campus Criminal Acts

Revised: October 1, 2014

Main Campus
During the hours of operation, individuals may report a crime/emergency by calling 911 or Telecommunication Services (0), who will immediately contact police/maintenance officials and begin following the procedures outlined in the “Emergency Plan.” After hours, individuals may call 911 to report criminal activities/emergencies.

The College encourages that all reports be made accurately and promptly, so if for any reason one may be hesitant to contact Telecommunication Services (0), contact any of the following:

  • Campus Police (call 911 or Telecommunication Services (0), and they will contact police)
  • Dean of Student Services (3714)
  • Vice President of Continuing Education and Workforce Development (3767)
  • Dean of Instruction (3715).

Hoke Center
During hours of operation all crimes are to be reported to security or the Dean of the Hoke Center at (910) 875-8589. After hours, individuals should contact 911.

Reporting Off-Campus Crimes
Employees and students in classes located off-campus should follow the same procedures outlined above for reporting crimes. Employees working with immured students and these students are encouraged to review and follow emergency procedures specific to their institution of residence. If the emergency takes place after College hours, calls should go to 911 or the local police department having appropriate legal jurisdiction. Campus Police is to be notified of the details of the incident as soon as possible.

All reasonable efforts will be made to maintain confidentiality. Upon receiving the report, the Police Department will immediately begin an investigation into the incident. The Police Department and the Executive Vice President will determine if a campus and/or community alert should be issued in the interest of public safety.

The College will take whatever legal steps are necessary in the investigation to resolve the issue and reach restitution. Employees involved in campus violence will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. For information on “Dismissal and Appeal,” one should see Unit IV.

Students who participate in campus violence will be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion. For additional information, see, “Student Code of Conduct.” Visitors who engage in disruptive activities or crime will be removed from the scene and may be denied admission, readmission, or entry onto College property.

There is an inherent right to appeal for either students or employees in accordance with published grievance procedures.

The Department of Police and Public Safety will maintain a daily log, documenting all crimes reported to them or local law enforcement agencies. This log will include the nature, date, time, and general location of the crime, as well as the disposition of the complaint, if known. Entries must be made within two business days from the report of the crime. The information found in this report shall be open for public knowledge within two business days, except when the release of the information is prohibited by law or would jeopardize an investigation or the victim’s confidentiality.

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