1.12.1 Institutional

1.12.1 Institutional

Old Policy: 3.7.3 (Revised October 1, 2012; October 1, 2016)
New Policy Created: October 1, 2022

Sandhills Community College is a pubic institution and a member of the North Carolina Community College System; therefore, the following institutional changes would be most likely initiated at the State level and unlikely to occur:  

Change in Measure of Student Progress to Completion (i.e., semester/trimester/quarter; calendar vs. competency-based; clock/credit hour-based),
Competency-based Education by Course/Credit-based Approach,
Governance Change,
College Closure,
College Relocation,
Level Change,
Mission Change, and/or
Ownership, Means of Control/Legal Status Change

However, in the event that such a substantive change occurs, the SCC Board of Trustees, President, and senior administration will immediately begin working with the North Carolina Community College System Office President and staff to determine next steps as may be defined by the NC State Board Code and bylaws.  The SCC President and senior administration will work with faculty and staff to ensure policies and procedures are followed to enact such change(s).  The Dean of Planning and Research, who also serves as the college’s SACSCOC liaison, will notify and work with SACSCOC staff to gain formal approval.         

Distance Education

Sandhills Community College received SACSCOC approval to offer distance education as a method of delivery on June 20, 2000.  If the college were to explore the possibility of no longer offering distance education courses at the institutional level, the college first will engage stakeholders—faculty, staff, students, and the local community—to determine the level of support and interest. If support is garnered, the President and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Institutional Research will propose the change to the SCC Board of Trustees for approval.  Upon board approval, all federal, state, and regional—including SACSCOC—agencies will be notified of the change and/or asked for approval.

College Contingency Teach-out Plan

The college will create and ask for SACSCOC approval of a college teach-out plan if:

  1. the institution is placed or continued on probation or probation for good cause by SACSCOC,
  2. SACSCOC acts to end the institution’s accreditation,
  3. the institution is on provisional certification for federal financial aid by U.S. Department of Education (USDE) —AND— the institution has been directed by USDE to submit a teach-out plan as a condition of participation,
  4. the institution is on reimbursement for federal financial aid by USDE,
  5. the institution is on heightened cash monitoring for federal financial aid by USDE, the institution is the subject of USDE emergency action or an action to limit, suspend, or terminate the institution’s participation in federal financial aid, or
  6. the institution’s state authorization is revoked.

The Dean of Planning and Research, who also serves as the SACSCOC liaison, will work with the senior administration to draft the college teach-out plan and communicate the plan to all stakeholders. 

To ensure minimal disruption for students:

  1. Faculty program coordinators will provide student completion plans for individual academic programs.
  2. Student Services staff will assist in determining comparable teach-out institutions, as well as plans for obtaining student academic records.
  3. The Business Office staff will draft financial plans for accounts receivable, refunds, and loan discharges.  

To ensure minimal disruption for faculty and staff, the Office of Human Resources will provide re-employment supports.

The final college teach-out plan will be approved by the SCC Board of Trustees and submitted to SACSCOC for approval.