Craft, photograph, or dance into autumn with Sandhills Community College personal enrichment classes. Beginning in September, fifteen courses will start. Try your hand at ceramics, use your iPhone camera like a pro, or practice Tai Chi. No matter your curiosity, there will surely be a class of interest.

Art and Hobbies

"Landscape Tips for Painters in Differing Light" will include nine big tips from the Oil Painters of America National Convention in March. You will practice painting landscapes in the morning, at sunset, and at night. These tips can make your landscapes or any painting a knock-out and separate you from the crowd. Join us for six weeks of painting fun. Held Tuesdays, September 19-October 24, from 1-3 pm, this class will cost $90.

"Creative Card Making for Beginners" will teach you to create handmade cards for beginners. Learn how to use inks, stamps, and paper. Intermediate Card makers will learn creative layouts, various tools & techniques, and more. In order to take Intermediate, beginners class must be taken first. Supplies are included in the cost. Held Mondays, September 11-November 6, from 2-4 pm, this class will cost $85. There will be no class on October 9.

"Ceramic Designs: Hand Building and Wheel Throwing" is a hands-on class for students at any skill level. Beginners will receive ample individual instruction and demonstration to build basic skills. Experienced students can use the class to push the boundaries of their technique or expression. Clay will be provided. Held Mondays, September 11-November 20, from 5:30-8:30 pm, this class will cost $130. There will be no class on October 9. An additional class will be offered on Wednesdays, September 13-November 15.

In "Micro Greens," you will make microgreen trays out of simple materials that you will take home with your seeds ready to go! No special equipment is needed, just happy, healthy little sprouts. Held Saturday, September 16, from 1-3 pm, this class will cost $75. An additional class will be offered on Tuesday, September 19, from 9-11 am.

"Quilting for Beginners" will introduce participants to the basics of quilting. Fabric and pattern selection, cutting, piecing, sewing, quilting, and binding your own quilt will be taught. Various techniques and methods, such as patchwork and paper piecing, applique, curves, and others, will be demonstrated. Students can progress at their own pace. Students will need a working sewing machine, basic sewing supplies, thread, and fabric. Held Wednesdays, September 6-October 25, from 5:30-8 pm, this class will cost $115.


"Introduction to Line Dance" is for the absolute beginner. If you lack the confidence to dance at social events, this class is for you. We will take the time to learn basic steps and patterns to build your coordination and confidence on the dance floor. We'll learn popular dances like The Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Copperhead Road, and others. After six weeks, you may feel ready to develop your skills in our A.B. Beginner class. Held Thursdays, September 14-October 19, from 5-6 pm, this class will cost $50.

"A.B. Beginner Line Dance" is a new class that bridges the gap between Intro and Beginner+. Great, you've danced the basic line dances at social events and are ready to build on that knowledge. Our instructor will guide you to an improved foundation of dance-step terminology, rhythm counts, and dance floor etiquette. You'll experience a variety of absolute beginner line dances to different genres of music. Leave your inhibitions at the door and join us on the dance floor. After six weeks, you'll feel confident in participating in the Beginner+ class. The prerequisite for this class is Introduction to Line Dancing or knowing the dances of Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and Copperhead Road. Held Mondays, September 11-October 16, from 5-6:30 pm, this class will cost $65.

"Line Dancing-Beginner +" will build upon the skills learned at the A.B. Beginner level. You'll learn dances suitable for those with dance experience, with some emphasis on body posture and styling principles. The dances will provide a natural progression of complexity- steps, turns, syncopations, tags, and restarts. This six-week class will provide an excellent time on the dance floor. The prerequisite for this class is Introduction to Line Dancing and/or A.B. Beginner class. Held Mondays, September 11-October 16, from 6:30-8 pm, this class will cost $65.

"Line Dancing- Improver" will feature dance routines suitable for the experienced line dancer who has mastered a comprehensive range of step patterns and movements. This six-week class is intended to satisfy the seasoned dancer with new challenges that will prove fun and rewarding. Held Thursdays, September 14-October 19, from 6-8 pm, this class will cost $75.

Yoga and Tai Chi

"Vinyasa Flow Yoga" will build flexibility, strength, and balance in your body and mind and decrease unhealthy stress responses in everyday life. Grounding and centering techniques will be incorporated. Comprehensive instruction will help students find body alignment and meditative practice matching breath to movement. All levels are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat. Held Mondays and Wednesdays, September 11-Decmber 11, from 9-10 am, this class will cost $175. There will be no classes on October 9 and November 22.

"Tai Chi Basics" will teach soft, slow, graceful movements to help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance. Tai Chi movements are approached with a mindful attitude and never forced; the muscles relaxed rather than tensed. There is no impact to aggravate joints, and it can be performed standing or even sitting, making it the perfect activity to improve and maintain your physical function and quality of life. The class will use the Yang 24 form and various Qi Gong movements. No special equipment is needed. Please dress comfortably. Held Mondays and Wednesdays, September 11-December 11, from 1-2 pm, this class will cost $144. There will be no class on October 9-11 and November 22.

"Tai Chi Practice" will improve and refine postures learned in Tai Chi Basics. Learn several Qi Gong exercises for enhanced stress reduction and improved wellness and practice the Beijing Form (working knowledge required). No special equipment is needed. Please dress comfortably. Held Mondays and Wednesdays, September 11-December 11, from 2-3 pm, this class will cost $144. There will be no class on October 9-11 and November 22.


"Financial Decision Making for Retirees" is a comprehensive four-week program led by instructor Noelle Granville, a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Senior Advisor®. The class is designed to give retirees the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions during their retirement years. This course aims to empower retirees to manage their finances effectively, maximize their retirement savings, and achieve financial security. Guest speakers include an attorney and an accountant. Held Tuesdays, September 12-October 3, from 3-5 pm, this class will cost $35.

Lecture Series

In "The U.S. Constitution and its Amendments: What We Need to Know," you will learn how the Constitution of the United States, as the supreme law of our country, defines the framework for our federal government. It is the world's oldest and functioning national constitution. Its 27 amendments provide U.S. citizens with civil liberties and protections that have influenced the constitutions of other nations. Considering U.S. Supreme Court decisions, this course will stress the importance of knowing our constitutional rights so that we might better exercise and appreciate the freedoms we share as citizens. Early registration is highly recommended, as seating is limited. Held Wednesdays, September 20-November 15, from 10-11:30 am, this class is free.


In "Take Fabulous iPhone Photos," you will become skilled with the use of your iPhone camera and use the best photo apps available. Learn how to take and edit photos and how to troubleshoot the most common issues. The class will cover the principles of photography, the art of composition, how to find great lighting and advanced techniques. Classes will consist of lectures, demonstrations, critiques, and discussions. Photo walks to nearby places will also be part of the class, allowing students to apply lessons. Held Tuesdays, September 12-November 7, from 9 am-noon, this class will cost $75. There will be no class on October 10.


Seats are still available for these Workforce Continuing Education classes and do not require an application. To register, call Continuing Education at (910) 695-3980 between 8 am and 5 pm Mondays through Thursdays and 8 am-noon on Fridays. All major credit cards are accepted. Pre-register at Pre-registration must be made two days before the start date of the class.

Next Session

Continuing Education classes begin throughout the semester. New and returning students do not need to apply to the College, simply register for class.

An eight-week session of fall semester curriculum classes begins on October 11. Offered online and in hybrid class formats, classes take only eight weeks to complete and award full credits. For all information, go to

New students taking curriculum/college credit classes must apply before registering. Sandhills has an open-door policy, which means all applicants are accepted. On, new students can find the application at the top right. Returning or current students can register by using Self-Service located on MySCC. 

Boys & Girls Club

A Boys & Girls Club unit is offered on the Sandhills campus. It runs from 2:30 to 6:30 pm for kindergarten through fifth grade. The club is ideal for parents/guardians taking SCC afternoon or evening classes, those who need study time, need to utilize the computer lab, or work on projects. Club participants will receive homework assistance, and dinner is offered. The cost is $40 per child per year. The club provides transportation from McDeeds Creek, Farm Life, and Carthage Elementary schools.

In addition, drop-in services are available free of charge to Sandhills students from 6-9 pm. This is ideal for students taking afternoon or evening classes, working on group projects, or for other academic reasons. For more information or to register for the club or drop-in services, contact Edith-Ann Jackson at or 910.638.6502.

Classes for High School Students

Moore and Hoke County High School students can take SCC classes as juniors and seniors at no cost. High school counselors can help schedule these classes or home or private school students can contact Kim McMillan at

Students who reside in Moore and Hoke Counties and successfully complete the required number of classes through Sandhills while in high school can qualify to receive two full years of paid tuition through our Sandhills Promise program. Sandhills awards over $350,000 to pay tuition and fees for Sandhills Promise students each year. The Sandhills Promise applications are due each year by mid-July.