The Goodnight Scholarships office at NC State announced that 2023 Sandhills Community College graduate Karly Jordan will be one of 50 recipients of The Goodnight Scholarship for transfer students. The scholarship is valued at $23,000 per year for up to three years ($69,000). Jordan is only the second SCC transfer graduate to receive this award. 


Jordan graduated in May with an Associate in Science – Magna Cum Laude from Sandhills Community College, where she was the SGA Vice-President, President of CRU, and Vice-President of Students for Life. She was a peer tutor and involved in Circle K (Kiwanis). She was also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. Jordan plans to major in Biochemistry at NC State with the ultimate goal of achieving a Master of Science in Genetic Counseling. 


Recipients participated in a thorough selection process over spring semester, including an application and interview with a volunteer committee of current and former NC State faculty, staff, alums, and industry representatives from SAS. 


Jordan will receive access to a comprehensive student development program that includes weekly programming, exclusive travel opportunities, and enrichment grant funding. She will also receive transfer-specific programming and instruction to aid in her successful transition from community college to NC State.


Jordan was homeschooled since kindergarten and began dual enrollment at Sandhills Community College at 15 when a junior in high school. "I was a social butterfly and had an easy transition into community college life," she said. "I quickly befriended many of my professors and joined several clubs. I earned an Associate in Science degree only one year after my high school graduation." She credits her professor, Laura Hill, for introducing her to the genetic counseling field. "I am so grateful for Sandhills Community College and the support received along my journey."


The Advisor for CRU, Karen Manning, remarked, "Karly has such a tender heart for others; she was committed to the groups she led while at Sandhills. It was such a delight to see her grow and blossom."


"Karly is such a delight - she is positive, kind, and bubbly," said Whitney Cherekos, Tutoring Center Coordinator. "It's impossible to feel anything but joy when she is around. She is intelligent and driven, and having her as a tutor in the Tutoring Center has been a gift. I am so proud of Karly's accomplishments and cannot wait to see her thrive at NC State as a Goodnight Scholar."


Director of Student Life Dana Cuellar mentioned that when Jordan was not in class, working, or involved in clubs, she helped coordinate SGA events and activities, and SGA thrived because of her involvement. "Her dedication and servant leadership was evident on campus," Cuellar said. "She is a leader and an advocate for Sandhills, and we all wish her the best on her next step on her educational journey." 


Fall Semester at Sandhills


The fall semester flightPath will be published on the Sandhills Community College website in mid-July ( It will contain information about all curriculum programs and the Continuing Education classes scheduled to begin August through December.


Curriculum classes will begin on August 14. In addition to the traditional 16-week semester, there will be two eight-week sessions, one beginning on August 14 and the second on October 11. Students can take a mix of full-semester classes alongside eight-week sessions. For all information, go to


New students can apply from the link on the website's home page. Now is also the time to apply for financial aid. Submitting the application by July 15 will ensure money is received before the start of the fall semester.