Sandhills Community College (SCC) is proud to announce a new scholarship, the Grow Moore Teachers Pathway Scholarship, to support local students pursuing careers in education.

This scholarship agreement between SCC, Moore County Schools (MCS), and The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP) is designed to combat the teacher shortage and retain highly qualified educators in Moore County.

The Grow Moore Teachers Pathway Scholarship is available to all students graduating from the Moore County School System. "We will always need teachers,” says Sandy Stewart, President of Sandhills Community College. "This partnership with Moore County Schools, UNC Pembroke, and Sandhills Community College is a unique pathway to help scholars teach in their community," he added.

Students receiving this scholarship will graduate from Sandhills Community College, then transfer to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke to complete a major in the Educator Preparation Program (EPP) and eventually return to the Moore County School System as teachers.

Students participating in the Grow Moore Teachers Pathway Scholarship must graduate from Sandhills Community College with one of seven associate degrees, maintain satisfactory academic progress, and adhere to the scholarship rules.

"Because of dual enrollment and the SCC Foundation, it is also an affordable scholarship program that leverages each organization's strengths. We are proud of this partnership with our local school system and regional university. Many thanks to Dr. Locklair and Dr. Cummings for their leadership," says Stewart.

A signing ceremony was held on Wednesday, July 3, at Sandhills Community College. Sandhills Community College President Sandy Stewart, Moore County Schools Superintendent Tim Locklair, and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke Chancellor Robin Cummings were in attendance.

Members of the community interested in supporting this new scholarship program should contact SCC Development Director Jennifer Dail at (910) 695-3712 or