Sandhills Community College has announced that Germaine Elkins, currently serving as Vice President of Institutional Advancement, will assume the role of Vice President of Engagement.

Elkins brings with her 16 years of dedicated service to Sandhills in various roles. "Having started my community college career in the Foundation, I know firsthand that one of the main things that sets Sandhills apart from other community colleges is the amazing support we receive from our community," says Elkins. "This support enables us to guarantee that no deserving student will be turned away from SCC for financial reasons."

Dr. Alexander "Sandy" Stewart, President of Sandhills Community College, says, "As we align our external engagement functions at SCC, Germaine Elkins is uniquely well-suited to lead. Her history with Sandhills, starting with being a student, serving in senior leadership, and leading the Foundation through the largest growth in its history, is invaluable because she knows the institution and the community."

In her new role, Elkins will lead efforts to enhance and expand Sandhills' engagement with all of Moore and Hoke counties and beyond. She will continue to provide leadership for the Foundation, Bradshaw Performing Arts Center, and Sandhills Horticultural Garden while also assuming oversight of additional college departments, including facility rentals, marketing, lifelong learning, community and cultural engagement, and global programs.

Reflecting on the engagement opportunities at the college, Elkins remarks, "There are numerous ways individuals can engage with our institution, from attending a play or concert, taking iPad tutorial classes, strolling through our beautiful gardens, to attending Flyers games on campus. I'm grateful for the chance to coordinate these high-quality opportunities, ensuring our community can actively engage with the college."

Dr. Stewart adds, "Community Colleges are anything but insulated academic institutions. We have a mission of service which involves a lot of external engagement with our community. Germaine has a great staff, and I have a lot of confidence in what they can do for our community and SCC.”

Sandhills Community College will continue to evolve and reflect efforts and resources around its "Learn, Engage, Belong" tagline. With Elkins at the helm of the engagement expansion efforts, Sandhills Community College is positioned for continued growth and success.