Fayetteville State University and Sandhills Community College (SCC) agrees to Bronco Benefit partnership guaranteeing transfer admissions for qualified students on Wednesday, April 10.

“It is exciting to expand the Bronco Benefit program because it offers students in our surrounding counties an opportunity to further their academic ambitions by transferring to FSU,” said Pamela Baldwin, Ed. D, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Enrollment Management.

The Bronco Benefit program creates a supportive and seamless process for students to successfully transfer to FSU from partnering institutions. Students graduating with associate degrees in approved transfer degree programs and meet FSU’s transfer admissions requirements gain a direct-entry pathway to FSU. 

“We were able to develop a pathway that increases successful transfers and reduces potential setbacks for our students,” said SCC President Sandy Stewart, Ph.D. “There are partnerships that both parties come to the table and leave with more than they brought, and this describes what we’ve accomplished with Bronco Benefit.”

The Office of Adult Learners, Transfer and Military Students at FSU will provide support for students transferring from SCC. The office assists with advisement, financial aid, and other academic support services.

“One of the benefits of the program is gaining access to interested students after they complete 30 credit hours,” said Cierra Griffin, Ed.D., Executive Director of the Office of Adult Learners, Transfer and Military Students. “We want to ensure students maximize their courses at SCC as a tool to minimize their time to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.”

Through this partnership, FSU aims to remove barriers and provide a smooth transfer process. As a part of the Bronco Benefit agreement application fees are also waived for transfer students, and SCC students with a 3.0 GPA or higher are scholarship eligible when enrolling as a full-time student.