Sandhills Community College Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) advisory board met in March 2023, where they discussed the needs of local law enforcement entities and how the College can continue to prepare graduates for success. Advisory boards are crucial for the institution and allow local employers to connect with those training their future employees. Such boards review the current curriculum, ensuring they stay up to date with current industry standards. 


Sandhills Community College BLET, advisory board members include Michael Hardin, Ken Hall, Nick Polidori, Carl Colasacco, Richard Maness, Marc Godwin, Kristie Brayboy, Valarie Harris, Marshall Williamson, Dave Reece, Bob Kehoe, Tom Brady, Dr. Rebecca Roush, Dr. Julie Voigt, and Susan Wright.


Advisory Board Guidance


Community colleges are essential in providing accessible and affordable higher education to millions of students each year. To ensure that these institutions are meeting the needs of their communities, many community colleges rely on advisory boards to guide their institutional programs. Advisory committees are essential in the link between community colleges and the communities they serve.


As part of Sandhills Community College's effort to establish and maintain up-to-date educational programs, every associate in applied science program is supported by a volunteer advisory board. The boards are composed of employers, industry professionals, and other stakeholders who provide advice and support to each program. This partnership ensures an effective relationship between student learning and current practices in the workplace. The advisory boards guarantee that Sandhills maintains the highest level of training necessary for graduates to succeed in their chosen careers.


Sandhills Community College is a leading institution in North Carolina, offering a wide range of academic programs, workforce development, and continuing education courses. Sandhills is committed to its mission of providing educational opportunities of the highest quality to all. At the same time, they champion the success of the students and the community they serve.


Volunteer for an Advisory Board


Volunteering for an advisory board is an excellent way to give back to your community and make a meaningful impact. Whether you're a business owner, an industry expert, or a community leader, your insights, expertise, and experiences can significantly impact the future of education in your field. Additionally, serving on an advisory board is a great way to network with like-minded individuals and build valuable relationships in your community. If you are interested in serving on an advisory board for Sandhills Community College, please get in touch with Rebecca Roush at 910-695-3704 or 


BLET at Sandhills


The next BLET course takes only three and a half months to complete. The next class will begin on August 28 and end the first week of December. It will meet Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5:30 PM and several Saturdays. There is no cost to take the class; the State of North Carolina will pay tuition. There are out-of-pocket expenses for textbooks and uniforms, but the College may have resources to assist with such costs. All trainees must be 20 years of age at course completion. Applicants who are 19 years old may be accepted with a waiver.


Those interested in BLET should complete and submit their registration packet immediately. For further information or to obtain registration material, contact Robert Kehoe at (910) 693-2666 or or Mary Lou Coffey at (910) 693-2667 or 


Summer Semester


Summer semester curriculum (college credit) Sessions A and B begin at Sandhills Community College on May 23, and Session C starts on June 27. Workforce Continuing Education classes begin on various dates throughout the summer. 


Summer semester curriculum classes are open to current, returning, and new students. Local students attending colleges outside of the area are invited to take courses this summer at SCC. Credits can transfer back to the university, saving students time and money. New students can apply online, and an advisor will assist in registering for classes. Current or returning students may register using Self-Service or by meeting with their Advisor. For all information, go to