Microsoft Office for Students

Thanks to an agreement between Microsoft and Sandhills Community College, all students can now sign up for their own version of Office 365 Academic, the cloud-based productivity tools already used by over 110 million students, faculty and staff worldwide. Office 365 lets you access assignments in shared workspaces, synchronize your notes with OneNote, communicate and collaborate on projects with Teams and create with familiar applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel – anywhere, anytime and across virtually any device.

Overview of Office 365 Academic


Need help installing Office365 for Students?

How to install Office 365 Academic on a PC (pdf)

How to install Office 365 Academic on a Mac (pdf)

Set up Office apps on Android

Set up Office on iPhone or iPad

Set up Office apps on Windows Phone


Need help using the software packages available in Office?

Office PC Quick Starts

Office for Mac Quick Starts

Set Up Office Apps on a Mobile Device

Office 365 Training Center